A Gambian musician, who recently released a hit song, dissing outgoing Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, is on the run for his life, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Pa Bobo Jobarteh, a Brikama born native, arrived in Senegal, late Thursday. This followed reports that the dictator has placed a $10,000 bounty on Mr. Jobarteh’s head to be assassinated.

Mr. Jobarteh, is a Gambian “Kora” star. He released a new song, urging Yahya Jammeh to step down from power after been defeated by President elect Adama Barrow. The song portrayed Jammeh as an egoistic, arrogant, and heartless tyrant, who treats his countrymen with utter disrespect and heavy-handedness.

Mr. Jobarteh’s new song went viral barely less than twenty-four hours it was released. The entertaining and educative lyrics also portrayed Jammeh as an unforgiving leader. That Jammeh hardly listens or condone pleas made by people, who are on his enemies list. That Jammeh is a polarizing political figure, who is engaged in propagating tribal politics. His song underscores the ethnic diversity and unity that existed in The Gambia, prior to Jammeh coming to power. 

In a Facebook posting on Wednesday, Mr. Jobarteh said he received credible reports that Yahya Jammeh, has placed a bounty on his head. He alleged that the dictator has hired hit-men to take him out.

“Thanks to Allah.. I am now Safely in Senegal with my new WhatsApp number.. Lol. Akaaaasaaaa and love you all for your good care.. Alliyaa Abaraka bake,” Pa Bobo Jobarteh wrote on his Facebook wall.

Meanwhile, Pa Bobo Jobarteh’s brother Tata-Dinding, has dispatched a Whatsapp message to his fans, expressing shock and regrets for Pa’s diss song against dictator Jammeh. Tata noted that Pa’s lyrics contained profanity and left with him alone such a diss song should not have been composed in the first place. 

” Pa Bobo Jobarteh is my blood brother. I am not living in The Gambia. I am away, He never informed that he was coming up with such a song. If he had sought my permission, I would have advised him not to compose such a song. I was told that he has since left Gambia. I will visit The Gambia soon to see my family. I am ready for anything. I haven’t done anything that should stop me from visiting my country,” said Tata-Dinding while crying on the background of his audio recording. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai 

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