This list is not in any priority order

1) Insulting the Mandinkas and all other tribes one way or the other

2) Attack on the Christian Faith

3) Marginalizing the Gambian Diaspora

4) Illegal sacking, detention and imprisonment of Civil Servants

5) Failing to Campaign for the Presidential Elections

6) Isolating himself globally

7) Foolish arrogance

8) Surrounding himself with sycophants

9) Suppressing press freedom and fundamental human rights

10) Centralized power – Only office of the President matters



Jammeh is his own enemy by simply failing to adjust with the times.

One of the biggest challenge for the new Government will be Civil service reform. Many have been terminated, sacked, reinstated ten times over. Morale is at its lowest but Jammeh’s departure will no doubt bring news hopes but I can assure you that it was only the fear factor but all the civil servants are against Jammeh. Even the cabinet. 

From an Insider 

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