Now we can say that Jammeh is over. He is finished. No way he can survive and he has no option but stepping down. His biggest ally in any crime over the last 12 years MOHAMMAD BAZZI HAS BETRAYED HIM AND ABSCONDED from The Gambia. He is in Lebanon now.

Now nobody can provide him with money.

Nobody can help him stealing Gambian people money.

No more faked projects financed by our banks.

No more MD arrested SO that they can get business.

Bazzi last gift to Gambians people was the arrest of all GNPC MD and staff, and minister of petroleum. Very humble, serious and country concerned people. Coming from big families and very faithful Muslims. Their prayers and their families prayers sender BAZZI and JAMMEH to hell.

ALL these families and all GAMBIAN people are appealing to President ADAMA to request BAZZI to be delivered to the GAMBIA BY INTERPOL for prosecution.

Let BAZZI explain to our justice how from barefoot he ended up multimillionaire.

Bazzi, all your victims are waiting for you. Your time has come.


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