In 2011, during the Libyan uprising, Dictator Jammeh was the first president to ask Muammar Gaddafi to step down for the interest of Libya and Libyans. “Given the unacceptable scale of violence in Libya, we hereby call on Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to spare the lives of Libyans by stepping down immediately. The most honorable act that Gaddafi owes to the Libyan people is the sacred duty to step down immediately and let the valiant Libyan people take charge of their affairs and their country’s destiny,” he said

Now that The Gambia is in this situation, WHY NOT JAMMEH STEP DOWN FOR THE INTEREST OF GAMBIA AND GAMBIANS? During his statement, he said “We owe it to the Libyan people to intervene to stop the carnage. The African leaders should remember that if we do not live up to our duties and the expectation of our people, we are opening up avenues to outside powers to speak and decide on our behalf as if there is no authority in Africa.” BUT WHY HAS HE REJECTED THE AFRICAN LEADERS WHEN THEY CAME TO NEGOTIATE WITH HIM?

Dictator Jammeh continued saying “Gaddafi started showing his true colours that he is a racist and anti-African immediately after the lifting of sanctions against Libya, and when his relationship with the West started warming up. The first sign of his ungratefulness is his declaration that any passport of any holder that does not bear Arabic writings would not be issued Libyan visa, forgetting the prominent role that Africans played in defending Libya at the United Nations over the Lockerbie case.” BUT WHY IS DICTATOR JAMMEH INSULTING TRIBES AND WOMEN IN THE GAMBIA?

Now that Gambians have spoken and decided that they don’t need you anymore, let him step down for the interest of Gambia and Gambians. OR DOES IT MEAN HE WANTS TO DO WHAT HE SAID AT THE BRIKAMA MEETING? “If you want development, vote for me. But if you want your children to be refugees, you vote for the opposition” Dictator Jammeh said.


Written By Dawda Nenegalleh Jallow

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