Our country is unique because there are only a few of us and we are all brothers, sisters, cousins etc. We are God loving and decent happy “smiling people”. In 1994, we made the mistake of trusting Yahya and believing all his lies. I am not going to detail those lies, but we all know them.

We know the results of the last 22 years, just look around, you see high infant mortality, poor quality of life, destroyed institutions, lack of basic human rights and corruption. GAF, NIA, Police, Customs, Judiciary, Prisons are all instruments of abuse, torture and human suffering.

Our families have suffered significant exodus of our children, the young and brightest Gambians that have left the country and refused to return because of Yahya and his thugs. 

Adama Barrow is now entrusted with reversing 22 years of Incompetence and destruction of our social fabric. All hands needs to be on deck to help and support him.

First we should all pray for him to have wisdom and humility.

Second we should pray that God protect him from evil.

Third we should all support this government through work and science to rebuild a great nation. We must strengthen our institutions, insist on law and order and abor corruption in all forms. We must never be quiet when we see him going against the will of the people and we must insist that he keeps his promise of ONE term. 

Adama must first and foremost encourage, welcome and support a free press and free human expression without fear of reprisal. Encourage diaspora Gambians to return home to contribute to nation building. Accept help from the world to help build our institutions, schools, hospitals, infrastructure etc.

Gambians must accept our fate of the last 22 years and not seek vengeance. We must learn from our history and attempt to know what happened, but let God guide our purpose and action. 

To our hero, our father, our leader, a man of God, a true Gambian, a man with long history of suffering for the rights of all of us, to Lawyer Darboe I prostrate. THANK YOU SIR .

Dr. Isatou Sarr

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