APRC National Mobilizer Yankuba Colley, should watch his back! His outgoing boss dictator Yahya Jammeh, has orchestrated a sinister secret plot to have him harmed. Mr. Colley is on Jammeh’s list for liquidation before his imminent and disgraceful fall. Hence, people close to Mr. Colley should advise him to be aware of his surroundings before the official inauguration of President elect Adama Barrow. 

The mad dog Kanilai monster, is mad at Yankuba. He is blaming Mayor Colley, for his recent appalling and humiliating electoral defeat. Colley is at the center of blame for Jammeh’s massive electoral under-performance nationwide. The fuming despot, is working with his partners in crime to harm the former police officer, now turned politician. 

A source, who reached us said it would be in the best interest of Yankuba Colley to leave the country, or risked seeing himself at Jammeh’s gallows. The source also suggested that Mr. Colley, should be in the company of people now towards Jammeh’s departure from the Presidency.

“ His life is in danger based on the information we gathered. Jammeh had a meeting with his lead assassin operative. Details of the said meeting are not encouraging at all. Yankuba Colley should consider leaving the country for his own safety,” said our source. 

Mr. Colley could not be reached for immediate comment.  

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