Good afternoon – I am a European, but visit The Gambia frequently in connection with development projects. I happened to pass Westfield when on 14 April the police shot at the demonstrators. When later I googled to find out what it was about I came across the Freedom Newspaper, and I have followed your ever since. 

It is not for me as a ‘tubakobe’ to chose what president The Gambia should have. But I am happy the Gambians have now been able to make their choice. I am convinced the Freedom Newspaper, with your free dissemination of news, have helped the Gambian people in this process. Freedom Newspaper has also been a forum for people to express their opinions.

However, I have one plea: please separate news from opinions! Here is one example:  When Jammeh decides not to accept the election results, this is news. When someone says this is tantamount to a declaration of war, then this is his legitimate opinion. But do not present such an opinion under the heading “Jammeh declares war on Gambia” as you did recently. That is misleading readers and misrepresenting realities.

Written By Christian Jorgensen

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