Gambia: The Soldier Releases Weekend Bombshell: Jammeh’s Plans To Disrupt President Elect Barrow’s Inauguration Exposed!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as reported in our last story, DCC clearly said it’s not over until monster Jammeh is out and DCC is still maintaining the same stance. Fellow Gambians, something big is brewing in Gambia and the following people including monster Jammeh are the ones engineering this evil plan. Balla Jahumpa, VP Isatou Njie Saidy and Seedy Njie are distributing APRC shirts to their top loyalists to wear and use it to disrupt the inauguration. The hatched plan is to cause chaos and can counter the coalition’s inauguration. They are planning to inaugurate dictator Jammeh. How can we have two inaugurations in the same country, this is monster Jammeh at his best, but it is over for him. DCC can confirm to you that come inauguration day the majority of the army will be supporting and defending Adama Barrow. DCC just completed an emergency meeting analyzing dictator Jammeh GRTS’ speeches and base on our knowledge and unless something changes, he will not step down and hand over power. He has nowhere to go and is telling his top Generals that they have nothing to lose. The T-Shirts and ASOBIS are currently being distributed to Governors around the country.

The goal is to cause an uprising and chaos so that monster Jammeh can stay in power, you want to initiate a protest on the inauguration so that your loyalists will demonstrate. But dictator Jammeh, DCC is warning you that even your close aides and security details will abandon you that day, TIME WILL TELL. You and your criminal gang can distribute the shirts all over the country and DCC can assure you that IT IS OVER FOR YOU. The army has a big surprise for you and you will be shocked. You are better off executing your plan B, which you currently put on hold.

Unknown to many Gambians, you almost departed for Sudan election day and the paper work is there to prove this, you cannot deny this. DCC is warning you to leave for Sudan now, no one can save you. It is over. Gambians, these people are evil and they are trying everything to cause fighting in the Gambia so that monster Jammeh can stay in power.

Come January 17th, monster Jammeh, will be shocked, the army is divided and a majority of them will switch allegiance to Adama Barow. DCC is aware of your evil ways but there’s no way you can divide us and our gallant coalition. DCC is warning the international community and the world at large that there is going to be turmoil in the Gambia. If the current situation is not addressed, there will be genocide in the Gambia, dictator Jammeh and his top generals are willing to commit any crime to stay in power, they have no where to go.  This is a coup d’état against the Gambia people. Monster Jammeh and his cartel MUST be stopped.

Dictator Jammeh, has about 50 marabouts from Mali, Bissau and Guinea, Over 7 marabouts are also hired at the VP Isatou Njie Saidy residence. In the meantime, few Cassamance youths are entering the country to be trained for fighting. Plans are on the way by monster Jammeh and his top Generals for key and prominent Mandinka loyalists being identified, planning to arrest them before January 18th. DCC can also report that monster Jammeh’s family members met and appealed to monster Jammeh to step down, but he furiously refused. His mother begged him to hand over power and think about the consequences and he said NO. This was a sensitive meeting which took place at State House. Present in the meeting was agent MAMA BADJIE, who just returned from America. She is the Facebook informant and people should be wary about her. DCC has her pictures and we will share with the world soon. Mama Badjie, you are too young to be involved on reporting people, but when DCC is finished with you then you will know. Are you not a victim yourself , did monster Jammeh not raped you. Do you recall what happened at JANGJANGBUREH?

Fellow Gambians, please be wary of Seedy Njie. Seedy do you want DCC to tell you which document you DHL to Spain and for who. How many diplomatic passports did you “deal” with Ousman Sonko. Can you deny this, are you not Yankuba Badjie melancholy boy, boy. Seedy Njie, do you remember the NAPSA problem, do you know if DCC helped you? Seedy Njie, DCC is warning you to step down and abandon dictator Jammeh. DCC is following and monitoring you. There is no way you will stop the coalition inauguration. Seedy Njie you want the court to favor you so that you can use the outcome of your bogus court to prevent the international community to enter the country.

In another development, soldiers are sending family members to rural areas. They are concerned that monster Jammeh won’t step down and there will be fighting and sending their families to up country. DCC can also confirm to Gambians that there are over 150 soldiers including non-Gambians stationed at Fort Bullen in Nuimi. Dictator Jammeh wants them to monitor the sea and inform him of any foreign intervention. Dictator Jammeh is so paranoid and CDS Ousman Badjie, is traveling to all the barracks and telling soldiers to stay loyal to monster Jammeh. Also dictator Jammeh is planning to put a team together if he departs to burn all his developments to ashes, he is evil.

Fellow Gambians, below is a list of the people who are abetting and supporting Jammeh and they should be sanctioned including their family members. If you know them call them and warn them about the consequences, they will face when monster Jammeh is finished. Monster Jammeh can get on a plane at any time and leave them behind. If they are not stopped, they will turn our beloved country to a bloodshed.

Sillah Kujabi 

Yankuba Badjie 

Saul Badjie 

CDS Ousman Badjie 

Ansumana Tamba 

Nuha Badjie 

Umper Mendy

Gilbert Gibba

Sherrif Bojang

Esa Tamba Jesus

Kawsu Sanyang

Musa Savage – Just held a secret meeting with Saul Badjie

Sait Njie

Commissioner Ebrima Jallow NDEA

Musa Suso

Musa Savage 

Yankub Colley

Yaya Jammeh – loyalist at Fajara barracks

Yankuba Sonko – IGP of Police

Pa Mboob – DG of immigration

Yankuba Drammeh 

David Colley – DG of prisons

Seedy Njie – leading monster Jammeh’s election petition

Omar Badjie – NDEA

Saifu Bojang – Commander at Njogone military base in Nuimi , loyalist

Matarr Jarju – Marabout errand boy, boy

Omar Sanneh – Marabout errand boy, boy

Swandi Camara – Training youths how to operate guns

Lauw Jarju – Training youths how to operate guns

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

Written By The Soldier 

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