In 1994 four junior officers sacked President Jawara. They are Hydara, Sabaly, Signateh and Jammeh. Hydara was educated, Signateh was pragmatic, Sabaly was driven by change. But Jammeh was greedy and cunning. An opportunist, a thief, a liar and a coward who later became a killer.

Yahya was burn poor, a man of no worth who was hunted by a huge inferiority complex. He desperately wanted to fit in, to be respected but most importantly he craved the love that he did not receive as a child. From childhood he suffered self doubt and self-hate.

He schemed his way into the presidency by getting rid of real and perceived adversaries. He killed most, exiled some others just simply disappeared.

He was not happy being Mr President, he sought to be Alhaji, Doctor, Sheik, Slayer of dragon and whatever else he wakes up wanting to become that he is incapable of acquiring legitimately. Never mind he has never seen battle in his life he became a Colonel in the GAF before retirement.

He needed a trophy wife and found a life partner in a wicked greedy bimbo. He turned the GAF into a criminal enterprise to be used to bully and threaten innocent civilians.

Yahya is a narcissist with delusion gigantism. He is sick and evil and his soul his beyond redemption. He is at this moment scheming how to destabilize the country. He knows that will fail. He is using this time to burn documents and records and clean up before Adama Barrow enters the State House. That will not work. There are too many crimes and too many witnesses.

This is Yahya. A delusional, mental, sorry, inferior, psychotic coward whose end is here.

Written By Dr. Isatou Sarr

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