First of all, I don’t think you should allow space or time for the nonsense, opportunistic, illogical and misleading stuff from the mentally challenged Samsudeen Sarr.

His reference to Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, and the 1981 situation in the Gambia shows how ignorant this fellow is because the situation in the Gambia today and the situations in all the references he made are like day and night.

Today in the Gambia, the question is; Should the verdict of the Gambian People prevail ?

Where have you ever heard a defeated candidate concede defeat and turn around one week later to retract ? APRC, Didn’t you know that 300,000 + registered voters never voted ? Didn’t you know that some of your people were turned away ? Don’t you know that some of your people were told that there was no need to vote because the opposition already won ? Didn’t you know that your pooling agents were absent in some stations ?

Don’t you think you should have verified all this before conceding ?

The answer is that, these things never happened.

Even if they did so what ?

-People have constitutional right not to vote but if they so exercise, they will be bound by the verdict of those who voted ?

-If your supported turned-away because they were told that the opposition already won then they are not your supporters.

-It was the duty of your agents to be present in every station. May be they did not because even your own agents did not support you.

The only thing you knew was that Barrow won by a majority of 18,000 + votes which never changed anyway.

Please don’t waste your time, the time of Gambians and that of the World.

The greatest failure of any leader is to think that no one can replace you after 22 years. The likes of Sam Sarr are living in illusion and they think they can get away with last pay cheques from…………but we are watching every movement.

Finally, the problem is not Senegal, it is not ECOWAS, it is not the UN but Jammeh and the few around him whose hands are dirty. The majority of Gambian civilians and Military are for the truth and time will tell. The sycophants still around him and the cabinet members who remain to the end will also be classified by history as taking part in a constitutional coup against the Gambian People.

Please isolate Samsudeen Sarr and send him to the Kingdom of IRRELEVANCE.

From An Insider  

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