Yahya Jammeh’s fall has long been predicted by seasoned intelligence, security and political analysts. Our next-door neighbors Senegal, is going to surprise many powers; especially in the area of intelligence collection, mining and processing. If reports we received are to go by, there will be no fighting or political rancor on January, 19th when President elect Barrow is expected to be officially sworn in. Intelligence runs the world! Senegal is a leader in the region as far as intelligence gathering and analysis is concerned.

president-elect-barrowThere is this talk about ECOWAS troops coming after Jammeh, should he refuses to gracefully relinquish power. That’s a possibility. ECOWAS’s job, in our opinion should primarily focus on overseeing the transition period after Jammeh is out of the equation. ECOWAS might come in as a last resort to use force to flush Jammeh. But again, we should not loose faith in the ability of Gambians to handle their own domestic political problems. The Gambian army will do its part of the job to ensure that President elect Barrow’s electoral victory is not subverted by Jammeh. 

As we speak, Yahya Jammeh is giving money, cars, and other worldly things to his divided army. His primary goal is to buy the support and loyalty of the soldiers. To some degree, Jammeh, has succeeded in having some soldiers and officers on his side for now. But there is a rude awakening for him in coming days.

Never underestimate a determined and committed nation for change. Gambians got this one under control. ECOWAS would be needed pre-and post Jammeh disarmament, retraining, and restructuring of the politicized army, that Jammeh has used for decades to consolidate himself into power. Such disarmament is crucially imperative for a stable transition period and the maintenance of our failed democratic institutions.

Jammeh will not vacate office without noise. But there are two possible scenarios that are likely going to happen: One, Jammeh might be captured by his own army in days ahead. Two, he might loose his life if he tries to resist arrest.

Another possible theory is, Jammeh leaving town if he feels betrayed by his men ahead of the inevitable showdown. That’s next to nil though–given Jammeh’s inability to objectively discern or analyze issues affecting him and that of the country. Jammeh is a delusional despot. He is a phony as well.   

There is no doubt that Jammeh is trying to fuel or stoke war in The Gambia. But he is heading an army with a low morale. His own “ loyalists” will be the first to jump ship if things gets worst.

Let us reserve our comments for now and avoid prejudging the army. There are good ones out of the lot, who wouldn’t hesitate to side with President elect Barrow if the time comes.  Some of the Jammeh confidants we have been chastising day in, and day out might be the first to pull the trigger against the mad dog dictator. This might sound absurd, but anything could happen under the circumstances.

The apprehension of Jammeh will come as a surprise to many. Time will tell! 

Few days ago, a former proclaimed “Ambassador” wrote to this medium, divulging highly sensitive information, which could undermine any present or future missions to take onto Jammeh if published. Hence, we decided to employ a good judgment call on the said piece. 

The Freedom Newspaper has extensively reported in the past about some of the rented Jammeh aides. We will live it at that for now.

It is our firm belief that Gambians are capable of handling their own domestic political problems with the earth of intelligence employed. The Gambia, cannot effectively exist in the absence of close collaboration with other civilized and democratic nations. Hence, Senegal, is an important ally as far as replacing the bad regime is concerned. We rest our case!

Written By An Editor 

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