I just read Mr Sarr defense of Yahya Jammeh and was in shock. Some years back I read a book he claimed to write titled ‘Coup de tat by The Gambia National Army and a subsequent analysis of his person by “Janko”. 

I realize that Samsudeen is deeply conflicted and traumatized by his experience and journey in life.

Janko concluded that Mr Sarr is a self conceited, opportunist who happens to desert his post during the coup and simply ran away from the advancing soldiers coming towards Banjul, claiming he was afraid for his wife and children.

This same ‘human being’ bashed Yahya and President Jawara in his book, before he collected his sac of gold to be sycophant in chief for Yahya. He has been kissing Yahya’s …ss since he was ‘rewarded’ with the blood of Gambians on his hands. 

I commend you Pa for respecting individual freedom of expression and allowing someone like Samsudeen Sarr to express his views in your paper, this simple privilege was denied thousands of Gambians by his boss Yahya Jammeh.

Written By Dr. Isatou Sarr

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