A delegation from Foni Jarrol District, who recently paid a courtesy call on President elect Adama Barrow, are under the radar of the NIA, the Freedom  Newspaper can reveal. Some of the delegation members have started fleeing the country in fear of their personal safety, as the NIA have started cracking down on them. This followed a complaint made to dictator Yahya Jammeh by some villagers that some section of the community last week, visited President elect Barrow to express their support and solidarity with him.

Dictator Jammeh is a Kanilai born native. He hails from Foni. Foni, has been widely regarded as an APRC stronghold.  The dictator wasn’t happy, when he heard that some residents of Foni Jarrol recently paid a courtesy call on President elect Barrow. 

The NIA is yet to arrest the villagers. As soon as the villagers received information that the NIA was about to effect their arrest last night, some of the villagers decided to flee to neighboring Casamance. Among those who fled the country, is the gentleman in this group picture with the blue dress and white hat. His name is Sambou Darboe. Mr. Darboe is from Sintet village. He is currently on the run, sources said. 



” Another man by name Ali Bah, from Sintet village, has also left the village. He is on the run. Pa, please call Sambou Darboe, on his cell phone before his phone would be unreachable,” said our source. 

Mr. Darboe was contacted on his cellular phone, but he was indisposed for comment. His cell phone was swtichoff at the time of contacting him. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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