Pa Mbai,

As you are aware I am an avid follower of news coming out of Gambia I find your new-site widely visited and informative.

I really hope that Jammeh hands over the power after His Excellency Mr Adama Barrows humble request. I am very much of the thought that he will not relinquish power without solid confrontation. I understand most Gambians in Gambia and Gambians in diaspora also believe that Gambia may likely go through a terrible turmoil.

I hope Senegal is playing an active role to monitor its border of waters particularly from Guinea, as Guinea borders to Liberia or Sierra Leone. Also I hope Senegal is monitoring its road borders towards the south of Cassamance region. 

Pa I feel Jammeh along with his insane General Badjie are brewing up a calamity upon Gambia and Gambians. They are not going to relinquish power peacefully, It is in my opinion the best that His Excellency Mr Adama Barrow goes to Senegal for his own safety and also because of the interest of Gambia until at least 18th January. From there he could mobilize the coalition and also form a government peacefully and without any fear. I am of an opinion that Jammeh and party are plotting something terrible against the president elect, against the VP Mr Darboe colluding with the NIA and Junglers unit.

As for Gambians I am really impressed by their stand against the stupid tyrant.

Jammeh is an outright racist and a disgrace on humanity. He hates White people, Europeans, Senegalese, Ghanians, Nigerians and hates hates hates British and The US Nationals but he can’t do a damn to European Nationals, British or Americans because if he dares touch one citizen EU and The US and The UK with all their might would leave no stone unturned to take him out. I know first hand that he, his wife, his brother inlaw Abubacar do not like the west and support extremist organisations silently.  One reason why the family often ran into trouble with US Embassy’s former American employees dipplomats and with US Peace Corps. 

Jammeh can hide in his bunker as much as he like. His secret bunker is about 30 feet underground facing towards the Atlantic ocean. He also has one below the State House Kitchen. Also there is a secret way from the back of state house connecting underground to either NIA Building or RVH Hospital campus. 

I once again urge Gambians to take the decision in their hands to prosecute Jammeh within the country for mass killings and genocide. Dont let him get away with it. He is anyhow going to fight and create a turmoil therefore Gambians need to toughen up against him.There is no way out for Jammeh so don’t give in. 

It should not be up to the President Elect, or ECOWAS to work out a deal for Jammeh. This way we will see every corrupt leader get a deal and get away with their doing/ African wealth is not for just the leaders it has to be for all Africans. Jammeh’s worth is around 11 Billion US$’s and that belongs to Gambian people not Jammeh or Zeinab, Abubaccar Suma, Mariyam (knee Suma).


Written By Jack Aspinall

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