Dear Pa,

I am taking issue with your write up concerning the Foni delegation that went to pay a courtesy visit to PE Adama Barrow. In the write up you said…….” …he is a Kanilai born native….., He hails from Foni. Referencing Yahya.

The information is not accurate. Yahya does not have a single proof of hailing from Foni. I have not met a single Gambian that went to elementary school with him, not a single person that knows the compound where he grew up as a child, no childhood friends that grew up with him as a child, no cousins, no blood brothers or sisters. Nothing. His story started miraculously from Gambia High and onwards to the GNA.

His Mother is not his biological mother and his so called family are all sycophant and oppourtunist that benefitted from a manufactured relationship to bolster his claim. I have not heard of a single Elder that was present at his naming ceremony, birth or any other important event as a child. He cannot point to a mosque that he received instructions at, or an Imam that knew him as a child.

Yahya is a ghost that came from nowhere. I have my suspicion of his origin in Casamas, but that story is for another place and time. We Gambians are peacful and friendly people, we are not wicked and evil. Yahya is NOT from Foni.

Written By Dr. Isatou Sarr

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