Former House Speaker and State House Press Secretary Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, says she still APRC and loyal to dictator Yahya Jammeh. Ms. Jahumpa was speaking in an interview with Freedom Radio Gambia, on Wednesday. She used the interview to reaffirm her loyalty and support for Yahya Jammeh, despite the dictator’s recent electoral defeat.

fjc1-d“ I am still APRC. I am loyal to President Yahya Jammeh and his ruling APRC Party. President Jammeh is still the President of The Gambia, until January, 19th, when his term officially expires,” said the Banjul born native and politician Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay.

“ I have never deserted President Jammeh. I am APRC today, and shall remain APRC, even after the APRC becomes an opposition. The APRC is here to stay. I will continue to support the APRC and President Jammeh,” said Ms. Jahumpa.

This followed a Freedom Newspaper publication intimating that “Yahya Jammeh’s longtime loyalist and political enabler former House Speaker, and State House Press Secretary Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, has disowned the Jammehs. Ms. Jahumpa has brought down her profile picture she had with the Jammehs on her Facebook page. She has also removed all pictures she had with the Jammehs on her page. Interesting, right? That’s Gambia. Political loyalty is alien.”

Reacting to the Freedom story, Ms. Jahumpa, said her recent move to replace her profile picture should not be misconstrued as an attempt to disown the Jammehs or defect from the APRC. She maintains that she is still APRC.

“I changed my profile picture immediately after the elections. My goal was to promote unity and reconciliation. Some folks stormed by Facebook page after Adama Barrow was declared as the winner of the elections, and started insulting the President. I have no reason to abandon the President and the APRC. My support for the APRC remains in tack. I will not allow folks to use my page to insult or defame the President,” she said.

Ms. Jahumpa appealed to Gambians both at home and abroad to jealously safeguard Gambia’s peace despite our political differences. She noted that peace is essential in any democratic dispensation, stressing that the facilitation of safe transfer of power should be everyone’s business.

Ms. Jahumpa tells Freedom Radio Gambia that it is normal for losing parties to file petitions before the Supreme court to challenge the outcome of the election. She said the APRC’s right to invoke the law to seek justice should be respected.

Ms. Jahumpa believes that Yahya Jammeh should be allowed to remain in The Gambia, once he relinquishes power. She said forcing Jammeh to exile is not only un-Gambian, but totally uncalled for. She said rhetorics should be discouraged.

Ms. Jahumpa said she is not aware of Jammeh’s involvement into any corrupt practices in her 14 years services with the Jammeh government. She praised Mr. Jammeh for his leadership qualities adding that “ Jammeh is God fearing, patriotic, honest and developmental oriented leader.”

Ms. Jahumpa also denied being a political adventurist. She admitted being a former PPP stalwart. But notwithstanding, she says she has all rights to associate with the political party of her choice.

” My relationship with the Jawaras haven’t changed despite my support for President and the APRC after the coup in July, of 1994. I had an excellent relationship with former President Jawara, and his wives. I remember President Jawara calling me in 2009, when President Jammeh fired me from my job. He advised me to keep the faith, ” she said.

Ms. Jahumpa also used the interview to debunk Dida Halake’s recent piece alleging that the former Speaker refused to come to the aid of a detained Gambian reporter, when he (Halake) contacted her to intervene.

“Here is something re: FJC. The BRIDESMAID thing is to do with that fact that she and Samba procured a wife for Jammeh from Morocco. When I asked FJC in 2012 to please go and see Jammeh and beg him to FREE Alhagie Jobe (my State House Reporter at the Observer), FJC panicked: “FUCK YOU! FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE”!! – she said. KEPT the evidence and never spoke to her since,” Halake wrote.

Ms. Jahumpa vehemently rejected Halake’s allegations. She even branded Mr. Halake as a “poor man” who was out to settle scores with her.

“ I was shocked when I read a piece on your paper written by one Halake. I do not want to dignify him with a response. He is just making it up. This guy is a foreigner, and he is lying against me. I do not want to have anything to do with him. He is just out to make up stories against me,” she said adding that Halake is married to a Gambian woman, who is close to her family. 

Finally, Ms. Jahumpa, said her doors are open to the Freedom Newspaper staffers. She is also a journalist by profession.

“ Feel free to contact me, at anytime if you want to clarify any story. My doors are open to you and your paper,” she said.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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