First congratulations to all my brothers and sisters. Mr Yahya Jammeh will peacefully and without conditions accept the will and wishes of Gambians to live a peaceful and productive life as they bravely demanded on Dec 1, 2016. All speaking with one voice and saying loudly GO AWAY YAHYA.

One thing is certain, Mr Jammeh will leave the state house on Jan 18, 2017. He has accepted this destiny as the will of Allah. If he is able to finalize arrangements with a non signatory ICC, republic, we wish him good bye and good luck. If he remains in The Gambia the PE Adama Barrow has already promised that he is allowed like any Gambian to live in peace in pursuit of any lawful enterprise and obey the laws of the land.

Let us purge ourselves of Yahya as we move on with our lives. Let Gambians stop talking about him and his sycophants and focus on the difficult task ahead, building a successful nation. We all have a role to play, so let me start with The People of Gambia.

My brothers and sisters do not seek vengeance or you will loose your soul and become like the monster that brought unimaginable suffering to our land. Instead build a law abiding nation, do your job and take pride in whatever it is that you do. Do not lie, steal or cheat because it is against the wishes and commands of Allah.

Those in charge should understand that all Gambians have the same and equal rights rich or poor. Ensure that the human rights of all Gambians is respected and protected. Accept dissent and allow freedom of the press. A free press is the civic responsibility of all of us indeed the gatekeeper of our freedom and liberty. Encourage freedom of the press.

Let the citizens feel safe by investing in law and order without abuse of power. Power belongs to the people.
Creat transparency in government and discourage corruption. Corruption is the cancer that will eventually destroy everything we work hard to accomplish.

I did not forget, I accept and realize that we must build our infrastructure. Our schools and universities, hospitals, water treatment plants, electric grid, sewer systems, our roads, airport, seaport, bridges and explore new revenue streams without taxing the citizens. Those things are very easy to do if we have law and order, strong institutions and we can stop corruption. Mr Barrow please wage war on corruption with all the power and mandate given to you by the people.

We are broke and poor but we are hard working and honest and God fearing people. Our best days are yet to come. God Bless our great country. God Bless The Gambia

Written By Dr. Isatou Sarr

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