Outgoing Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh is fuming with anger! His trusted aides in the army have started deserting him before the scheduled date for President elect Adama Barrow’s inauguration. The desertion is being communicated to him in the form of a briefing. The army will not defend him in the event of an attack. They are not ready to put up any fight if Jammeh comes under attack.

General musa savageLast week, a source contacted us and unveiled an interesting intelligence about General Musa Savage, the Kanilai garrison camp commander. Musa Savage was quoted as saying that he will not pledge his allegiance and loyalty to Yahya Jammeh after his five years mandate expires on January, 19th. He said he will shift his allegiance to President elect Barrow and his incoming administration.

We were bit apprehensive when we received the intelligence. Our source maintains that General Savage is in full support of the recent political change.

In the early hours of Friday, morning, another source contacted us to intimate that Gen. Savage, has communicated to his colleagues about his plans to switch allegiance to the incoming administration. In fact, Savage has been speaking out openly before the men under his command. He is waiting for January, 19th to switch his allegiance to President elect Barrow and The Gambia. 

Meanwhile, General Saul Badjie, is also on the same boat with General Savage. General Badjie has made it clear to Yahya Jammeh that he should step down and allow a safe transfer of power. Badjie, was speaking during a security briefing to Yahya Jammeh on Thursday. Badjie and Jammeh had a push and pull during the meeting. Jammeh wasn’t happy with Badjie’s message that many battalions will not put up a fight for him in the event of an invasion. Jammeh went off on Badjie during the meeting. 

The State House was tense on Thursday. The meeting between Badjie and Jammeh never ended well. Badjie, left the State House under the company of a heavily guarded convoy. An alert was even issued to the respective military battalions to fortify security within their barracks.

Both General Saul Badjie and Musa Savage’s position is for Jammeh to step down and allow President elect Adama Barrow to assume office on January, 19th.  Jammeh is getting isolated on a daily basis. Pretty soon, army officers will publicly rally support behind President elect Barrow.

Yahya Jammeh has lost weight overtime. He now dresses in military uniform while in the State House. His longtime loyalist General Badjie is running out of patience with Jammeh.

If Jammeh fails to heed to his Generals advise, he risked being abandoned in coming days. There is a major crack within the military. The likes of Gen. Savage and co will pretty soon start paying courtesy call to President elect Barrow to pledge their allegiance and loyalty to him and The Gambia. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: panderrymbai@gmail.com

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