As we move towards rebuilding Gambia, one must bear in mind that in order to be a successful and vibrant nation, the people must be healthy. The new Gambia must develop and create a health care system that will have several core objectives.

Gambia health care plan must be:

1. Accessible to all Gambians
2. Affordable to most and subsidized for all Gambians
3. Be of highest quality
4. Be impactful to the society

To accomplish these goals, the stakeholders including the government and private sector must invest in building a robust and scalable preventive health care model across the nation, that will ensure all Gambian children are fully immunized and Gambians have adult preventive care and recommend age appropriate immunization and diagnostic tests.

Revamp our public health centers to develop TB, malaria, Hepatitis and HIV prevention and treatment protocols.
Monitor public impact diseases and develop a reporting and tracking system for research purposes. Develop healthy neighborhoods and nutrition education programs.

Develop secondary and tertiary health centers that will be staffed by Experts and Specialist of Gambian extraction and friends of Gambia. Build institution of higher medical education ( a medical school ) and allied health to train Gambians. Recommend and monitor Gambian practicing physicians to maintain continue and life long education. Develop a reporting system for the public to identify poor practitioners and develop remedial health practices and procedures geared towards public safety to help those practitioners that are behind.

Creat a culture in The Gambian health care community to encourage and embrace ” best practices guidelines ” used in developed countries.

Gambia need a reimbursement or health care payment or insurance system that can be paid at very low and affordable premiums by Gambians in diaspora for the benefit of family and friends at home. This will be a major step in ensuring sustainable health care services for the benefit of all Gambians at home.

Gambia needs a health care commission that will develop a blueprint for healthy Gambia, determine cost of programs and financing options and report to the stakeholders.

Pa next I will share my views on how we can develop a sustainable energy/power plants using wind, water, sun and waste to generate affordable power and keep our environment clean and beautiful.

God Bless The Gambia

Written By Dr Isatou Sarr

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