Gambia: Breaking News: Two Members Of ” Gambia Has Decided” Campaigners Flee Banjul


The political impasse unfolding in the West African nation of The Gambia, remains unresolved. Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, is using his rogue intelligence agency, the NIA, to harass, detain, and exile perceived political opponents in the country. A new civil society group called “ GAMBIA HAS DECIDED” who are in support of the incoming President elect Adama Barrow’s administration are at the mercy of the NIA. NIA agents have mounted a nationwide crackdown arresting members of the “GAMBIA HAS DECIDED” campaigners. Some are already under state custody, while two of  the group’s founding members are on the run. 

rafel-editedOn Sunday, news reached the Freedom Newspaper that two of the leading members of the group have been on the run. This followed reports that the NIA has been looking for Rafie Diab, and Salieu Taal. The message we received read as follows: “ I heard that Rafie Diab, son of Neneh Tabbal and Salieu Taal, son to Ebou Taal, who are believed to be behind the “GAMBIA HAS DECIDED” posters, have left the shores of The Gambia in fear of being arrested by the NIA.”

In a Facebook posting late Sunday, Mr. Rafie Diab said: “Am safe and sound right now and let them know that what ever tactics they wanna use to intimidate us, will not succeed. This regime is already over and the majority of the country and the whole world is behind us. Let’s prepare ourselves for the 19th January and we should all unite and be one.”

“They are really scared and intimidated by our movement hence they are now going around arresting us. Gone are those days were we will let fear overcome us. Let’s start outing them and taking their pictures. Naming and shaming them. Taking pictures of their vehicles including their number plates. Some of them don’t wanna be seen in public because they wanna safeguard the little reputation they have so as to survive when their boss is finally gone. Let’s all come together as one,” Mr. Diab added.

In another development, one Muhammed Kuyateh, was yesterday arrested in Bakoteh. His arrest has to do with his alleged affiliation with the group called “Gambia Has Decided.” Mr. Kuyateh, has since went missing,  His family could not locate him since his arrest. 

Meanwhile, the Spokesman of the incoming opposition administration Halifa Sallah, is expected to be hosting a news conference later today. Sallah is likely going to address the ongoing intimidation of the alliances’ supporters by the state. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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