It’s a sad fact that despite being given every opportunity to step aside after the December 1st election Jammeh shows no intention of doing so. His support is melting away before his eyes but his delusions continue to fool him into thinking that he can hold on to power. More dangerously, he is using the NIA and certain loyal factions to intimidate the coalition and it’s supporters. IF allowed to continue this will almost certainly lead to the bloodshed that Gambians are so anxious to avoid. There is no way around it . He will never change and simply carry on intimidating, manipulating and oppressing Gambians until he is stopped. 

Every passing day he is re-asserting his grip on power with his usual strategy of targeting and harassing  different political groups and their supporters. Today it is Gambia Has Decided. Meanwhile, Adama Barrow and the coalition remain at the risk of abduction, arrest or even being killed. They have been elected but as yet have no power or the official allegiance of the army and security apparatus. It is a very dangerous situation for them and the Gambia as a whole.Something must be done to end this impasse before disaster strikes. 

Jammeh is like a poisonous snake. He cannot be reasoned with or trusted to keep his word. His behavior since the election has proven it again and again. For the protection of Adama Barrow and the coalition, our new found Freedom and future generations he must be ,,,. So long as he is alive he will be a threat. Dictators such as Idi Amin, were content to live out their lives in exile until they died of natural causes. Jammeh’s spiritual, psychological and emotional roots are in Kanilai. He will not rest peacefully anywhere else in the world. If a poisonous snake was found in our homes who would not kill it to protect our families? So is Jammeh to Gambia. His regime is the snake and he is the head which MUST be cut off. Now! Even a dying snake can kill or cause injury.

Ecowas have spoken of “removing him by force if he does not go willingly”. There is no reason to doubt their sincerity or ability to do so. However, they do not know this man, and hence had a rude shock in their meeting. Despite his claims to be a “Moslem”, he has no regard for God nor man. He is recovering from the shock of his election defeat and determined to stay in power by any means necessary. Only death will stop him.

Gambians in general are horrified at the thought of killing a fellow human being, even Jammeh after all he has done. However neither the Koran, nor the Bible condemn killing if it is to protect innocent lives. Both condemn murder, which is defined as taking human life for personal reasons and/or gain. He has commuted murder and many atrocities using his official position to do so with impunity. From a religious standpoint he has sacrificed tens if not hundreds of people as sacrifices to his demons. From every viewpoint he deserves to die. …. him would be a great service to The Gambia and not murder. 

I respect the desire of the coalition to see him brought to justice in front of legitimate courts and tried for his crimes. In this case the risks are too great that he may kill or destroy them first. Ecowas will at some stage step in but that will not bring back the lives lost or put out the flames of tribal hatred that he has ignited. It is time for preventive action which cannot come too soon.

Who and how is the question? Saul Badjie and others close to him have long had the motive, means and opportunity. This could be their last opportunity to redeem themselves and gain immunity from prosecution for their crimes. Gambia as a nation would have good reason to be grateful to them since they would have saved our country at a critical moment transforming them from villains to heros. Ecowas could pass a resolution authorizing a covert operation to kill or abduct him. Senegal would be in the best position to do so having very good intelligence and the resources to do so. His immediate family, who have access to him could reach him in an intimate way. They have suffered much at his hands. A surprising source might be Zeinab herself, not out of any love for Gambians but to set herself free and keep the money she has looted. Alive he is a threat to her and any man she may wish to marry. Ello proved that to her. She has the courage to do so – the means, motive and opportunity.

As reported before Christmas, she is waiting to see if he will stay in power. He will not! Unlike her husband she is intelligent and can read the signs. Zeinab, I don’t know you nor have we ever met but from observation you are very intelligent and cunning. Read the writing on the wall, save yourself and your children. Remember Ello and Halima Sallah. In your heart, you know that you will never be free from this “bushman” as you call him. As long as he is alive you will be his prisoner as he is yours. Only death will part you.  It is God who judges not man and one day we all stand before HIM and answer for our crimes. 

The real issue is not the who or the how, but that he is effectively “neutralized” now for the good of Gambia and all concerned. We  cannot live in peace with Jammeh alive. 

Until then let’s all continue to pray for his complete removal from this earth by “any means necessary”.

Written By Boorr Sine

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