Currently, Gambia is not able to generate enough affordable power for the necessary 24/7 consumption needed for home use, to run our institutions ( banks, hospitals, hotels, airport, seaport etc ) to run our manufacturing operations and our other needs.

Gambia electric distribution system is outdated and poorly maintained. Our grid system are inadequate and substandard. It is a well known fact that in order for Gambia to be an economic power in the subregion we must design and implement a modern energy policy.

The current need is as follows:

3 large 100MW solar generation plant
1 25 WM waste to power plant
Solar power plant in most remote villages for clean water production and home use
Solar generation plant designed for industrial zones in Banjul and greater Banjul area

The current system heavy reliance on fossil fuel and the resulting high cost and negative environmental impact will be mitigated by this sustainable approach.

The environmental and subsequent health impact of this approach will reduce the country’s health care and manufacturing financial burden significantly. Making The Gambia the envy of other countries in West Africa.

The benefits of this approach is
1. Inexpensive power
2. Uninterrupted power
3. Clean environment
4. Improve Industrial production
5. Increase number of middle class Gambians
6. Overall improve quality of life in The Gambia

Pa next I will share my thoughts on clean water for all Gambians.

God Bless The Gambia

Dr. Isatou Sarr

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