The Chairman of Gambia’s Electoral Commission is on the run, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Alieu Mamar Njai, left the shores of The Gambia last night amid reports that the dictator Yahay Jammeh, was after his head dead or alive. Mr. Njai, has since resettled in neighboring Senegal, for his own personal safety, sources said. He is believed to be residing in Dakar, at this hour.

Alieu Mamar Njai and the IEC, were recently taken to court by the outgoing dictator Yahya Jammeh after Jammeh has petitioned the Supreme Court for President elect Adama Barrow’s electoral victory to be annulled. The case has been scheduled for review on January, 10th.

This followed the closure of the offices of the Independent Electoral Commission by the state. Armed soldiers sealed off the offices of the IEC for days. Commission Chairman Njai, and his staffers were denied entry into the building for days before the ban was lifted.

The police claimed that it had received an imminent report that the IEC offices was being targeted for possible firebombing. Hence, Commission staffers were asked to stay out of work.

Last week, Mr. Njai, and his staff were asked by the police to report back to work after the alleged terror attack has been foiled. None of the staffers, including the Chairman, of the Commission showed up to work the next day.  On Monday evening, news of Alieu Mamar Njai’s absconding was rife in town.

This medium contacted couple of people on the ground to verify the veracity of the said report. It took us hours before we could verify the authenticity of Mr. Njai’s absconding.

A source, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said it was against Mr. Njai’s wish to leave the country. Mr. Njai, said our source, was prevailed upon to leave town for the sake of his safety because “there is a credible intelligence received about his possible liquidation by the mad dog dictator, if he doesn’t leave town.”

“Mr. Njai, has repeatedly said he is not afraid to die. He said he has lived in his life and has nothing to fear or worry. Family members have repeatedly asked him to leave the country, but he refused. This time around, he was convinced to back down and leave town for his safety. He was aided to leave town by parties that I am not at liberty to reveal right now. He is sound and safe. He is out of the dictator’s reaches,” said our source.

A family member wrote to the Freedom Newspaper and said: ”  I want to be anonymous. Alhamdulilah.. he is safe. Take care Pa.”

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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