Gambia’s Works Minister and the ruling APRC Chief Propagandist Balla Jahumpa, has been flown out of the politically polarized West African nation, to India, for immediate medical attention, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jahumpa, who was hospitalized at the privately owned Afrimed hospital, was evacuated from his hospital bed on Saturday, and flown to India, sources said. The Minister’s health deteriorated in the aftermath of dictator Jammeh’s post-election defeat.  

Afrimed staffers told our source that the Minister, has been flown out of the country for medical treatment. Mr. Jahumpa’s health condition wasn’t stable at the time of being being flown out of the country. 

Mr. Balla Jahumpa, known as “ACTION MAN” played an instrumental role in Yahya Jammeh’s election campaign. He was the lead speaker during the campaign trail.

It is not clear if Mr. Jahumpa will return to the country in the short term—given the recent political changes, which ushered Adama Barrow, as Gambia’s President elect. Mr. Barrow would be sworn in on January, 19th. Outgoing dictator Jammeh remains adamant. He says he is not going to hand over power to Barrow. He wants fresh elections to be held end the ongoing political impasse.

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