Gambia’s security forces who occupied the premises of the country’s electoral commission have snatched ballot boxes, in a desperate attempt to give ground to Yahya Jammeh’s ridiculous disputation of the December 1 election.

According to sources, the security operatives were directed by Yahya Jammeh to steal ballot boxes. It’s part of a shameful ploy to make Gambians believe the boxes were found buried – purportedly by the IEC – in favour of the opposition.

A source said: “While they occupied the building illegally, they were asked to steal ballot boxes in a desperate bid to discredit the IEC.

Yahya Jammeh, shamelessly, wants to claim the boxes were found buried in Brikama and other places in that part of the country.”

The source said Yahya Jammeh has asked pro-government newspaper Daily Observer to report it. The concocted story was to be published by the Daily Observer today (January 3) but didn’t happen, the source said. There had been a shouting match on whether the story should or should not come out, the source added.

Long-serving president Yahya Jammeh was stunned by a not-so-known rival Adama Barrow in the December 1 presidential election. At the first go, Jammeh conceded defeat. Five days later, he reversed that decision, citing fraud. He has since rejected the result and has been railing at the IEC for being conducting a dishonest election. His party has filed a petition before the country’s apex court to either annul the election or declare him (Yahya Jammeh) as the winner. Countries and institutions around the world have been calling on him to step down.

Written By A Gambian Reporter 

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