Gambia sons and daughters are committed to making our country great again, we pledge to do all we can in small and big ways to make sure that we build a peaceful, strong and vibrant nation for the next generations of Gambians to enjoy and raise their families with total submission to the will of Allah.

To be happy, productive healthy and strong we need CLEAN WATER and SANITATION for all Gambians. In urban areas 35 percent of Gambians do not have clean water and 77 percent don’t have sanitary sewer access. As a result of poor water resources management Gambia has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world.

Our policy objectives is:

Fully implement The National Water Resource Policy of 2006
Fully implement The African Ministers Council on Water ( AMCOW ) CSO overview and action plan
Provide clean water for all Gambians
Provide closed sewer system in most urban areas and help develop rural programs to meet local needs
Reduce water borne diseases
Improve agricultural production by good resource management
Reduce waste in tourist industry by a robust technology based conservation approach
Make clean water affordable for all Gambians.

God Bless The Gambia.

Dr. Isatou Sarr

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