It should be crystal clear now to those who still believe that Yahya is a decent God fearing man that he is indeed a selfish, power hungry, brutal dictator that will sacrifice other people’s family to continue to hang on to power and enjoy the luxuries of life such as his several Bentleys, private jets and mansions in Morocco, Mauritania and USA. He knows that he cannot change the choice of the people in Adama Barrow, so he decided to plunge the country into war and confusion.

We the people will not allow Yahya and his thugs in the GAF to intimidate us and bully us again. Gambia is not same since we chose Adama Barrow to be our President. We chose, we voted, we decided on Adama unlike Yahya who forced himself on us.

I am calling on ALL Gambians to engage in civil disobedience and not go to work starting on MONDAY JANUARY 9TH, 2017.

With this action you tell Yahya Gambia belongs to the people not to HIM and Zenab
We tell Yahya we are free from his shackles of fear.
We tell Yahya we will rather die than to continue to be enslaved by him
We tell Yahya no more torture
We tell Yahya no more killing
We tell Yahya no more rape

God Bless The Gambia

Dr. Isatou Sarr

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