Hi Pa,

I have been keenly following developments in the Gambia over the years mainly through your website and would like to extend y gratitude to your immense contribution towards the campaign to free our country The Gambia from tyranny. However Pa as we are on the cusps of a new era we should all learn lessons from  the past. Whilst i do not begrudge any Gambian to their right to shout their allegiance to any political party, i do reserved the right to chastised them.

Pa, I do not need to go in any detail how Waa Juwara was treated by the Jammeh regime and how all the opposition has stood up to fight for Waa’s freedom and the number of people who were affected because of their stance in the defence of Waa. But for his own selfish interest Waa became a turncoat and joined the very regime that has been persecuting him along with the entire opposition. One could easily forgive other turncoats who were only on the fringes of the opposition and freedom movements, but Waa was in the executive and was privy to lots of information and has extensive knowledge of the opposition’s strategy to oust Jammeh. Who knows what information he has passed onto Jammeh in private and how effectively Jammeh has used that information in his reign of terror?

It is laughable Pa, that, all of a sudden Waa is proclaiming that he is a supporter of the president elect and that he has been telling important people in the country to support Barrow. What important people? People more important than the electorates, who came out in their numbers to vote for Barrow? People more important that the coalition partners, who put aside their own political aspirations in the interest of the nation, a concept that is alien to him Waa? 

Pa this man is a charlatan. Let him not insult the intelligence of Gambians. Does he think that people are that gullible to allow him anyway near position of authority? If he is given a post i personally will start a petition for him to be sacked. The man has lost his moral compass a long time ago therefore he has no business being a kilometre near Barrow. There is and there never will be a job for him in the new Government.

Pa you have been doing and still continued to do a fantastic job but please in the best interest of our great nation, The Gambia, don’t allow yourself to be inadvertently used by some unscrupulous individuals to hijack our democracy. You can publish their articles but do not stain your record by giving them the platform to re-invent themselves through your interview.

To conclude, Pa, Waa was not arrested and locked up because of the “ interview” he gave to you or VOA, he was arrested and locked up because of greed. If it had not been for his greed he would have stayed with the opposition but Oh! No! he has jump onto the gravy train. The temptation to get his filthy grabbing paws on the loot was too much for him to resist. And he is at it again. Trying to eat his cake and have it. The reason he fell out with Jammeh was because they all have the same selfish characteristic trait. Just like Jammeh nothing else matters to Waa except Waa’s personal interest. And just as Jammeh is trying to cling onto power, Waa wants to part of the new power brokers. It’s time for Gambians to say enough is enough to the likes of Waa just as we did to Jammeh. Let Waa concentrate on his health now. Surely that must be very important to him. Whatever treatment Waa got from Jammeh after he became a turncoat, i will say it’s his just comeuppance.

If prosecution will teach African Governments a lesson that they are not above the law, then ignoring unscrupulous selfish flip-flopping politicians on the has been dump heap will also teach the rest of them that the people are not blind to their scheming ways and that power belongs to the people.

Best Regards

Buba Sanyang


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