Presidential Memo

To: Outgoing President, SPAD Yahya Jammeh

FROM: A Concerned Gambian

SUBJECT: The Final Countdown: Do–or- Die!

Mr. President,

President-elect Barrow will be sworn in on January 19:  Mr. President

Political differences should not be used to divide the country. The unfolding political theatre that is being orchestrated is becoming the denouement of a dangerous unscripted drama for Gambians to watch and many are now ready to resist any manipulation to illegally overturn the IEC certified election results which gave Mr. Adama Barrow a resounding victory over you.

By leaning on a hastily-instituted Supreme Court to hear your petition with the sole aim of subverting the will of the people, you are perilously provoking a national, regional and international catastrophe which unfortunately you, your family and cronies will not survive. The best thing to do now is to gracefully step aside and allow elected president to bring in a new era of institutionalizing democracy in the country.

Gambians went to the polls and elected Adama Barrow in the 2016 elections. Although, you initially conceded defeat and later refused to recognize the results; the 2016 election was very free, fair and transparent as all parties including the APRC had their agents at polling stations witnessing the voting process from dawn to dusk and were all present when the counting was done on the spot. This made it possible for all candidates and a majority of Gambians in and outside the country knew the results even before the IEC declared them on GRTS.

The IEC and the absence of International Observers

Mr. President,

The fleeing of the IEC Chairman for his life reportedly seeking sanctuary in a neighboring country must be a political embarrassment for you after heaping all sorts of praises on the IEC and the country’s unique rig-proof electoral process. It is a truism that electoral commissions in Africa always collude with the party of the incumbents to win elections albeit with widespread condemnation.

Since you harbor deep hatred against Mandingkolos, the fact that Alieu Momar Njie is not a Mandinka and has no tribal connections with the other candidates who contested against you, made him a credible referee and cast serious doubt about all the false allegations you’ve been peddling against this highly respected, independent and religious man old enough to be your father.

Unlike Mr. Carayol, Alieu Momar N’jie had been credited with a fair, democratic and transparent election. For the first time ballots were counted on the spot in the presence of party agents, security officers, independent observers and the GRTS cameras. This transparent method exposed the fraudulent nature of how you and your APRC party have been winning disputable elections in the past under the watch of Mr. Carayol.

One of the fundamental shortcomings in this election affecting the credibility of the results is the lack of election observers from our traditional partners coming from the Commonwealth, EU and EOWAS. If you did not banned the European Union and ECOWAS from monitoring the 2016 elections, your allegations would have been backed by independent observers on the ground.

Manufacturing your own election results and making spurious allegations of voter fraud without any substantial substantive evidence to support your case is unconscionable and damn right unpatriotic especially when you are desperately hoping to get victory from a group of appointed foreign mercenary Judges in a Supreme Court that has not been sitting for the past two years. Forcefully closing the IEC offices when the sealed ballot boxes are all stored in that premises for safekeeping questioned the rationale for making such a bold move which was condemned globally by the UN Secretary General among others.

 Is it true that you have appointed your former Chief Justice Agim to be part of the six Judges? That will not surprise many knowing the past close relationship between Agim and your Justice Minister. Why you do not make any request for Judges from the Commonwealth to ensure a fair and independent hearing of your petition? Whether the Supreme Court will give you victory or not what we all know is that Gambians have decided and the results were counted on the spot in the presence of your party officials. Those results have been the transmitted all over the world and a mere decision from a bunch of six foreign hired mercenaries cannot undo the will of 57% of voters who did not vote for you.

Burning of the APRC Bureau and the 360,000 missing voters

Mr. President,

Included in your petition is the whereabouts of the 360, 098 registered voters who did not vote. It is no longer a secret that the arsonists who burnt the offices of the APRC bureau months before the election were only concerned with the 300,000 fake voters’ cards packed in boxes and kept in one of the offices at the bureau which were all set on fire.

Those brave men in your army knew exactly what they were doing and would have set the whole building on fire but they only confined there arson attack on destroying all those boxes containing the voters cards that you were supposed to use illegally to rig the polls. Also, of particular importance to the missing voters is the thousands and thousands of registered Gambians who are living outside the country but have been denied their rights to vote by the repressive nature of your regime. Instead of blaming the IEC, you should take responsibility for some of your bad decisions.

We are aware that you deliberately omitted the candidate of the coalition in the lawsuit you filed at the Fangbele’s court. That was a clever move so that Adama Barrow would not present his own sets of results which will tally with the IEC’s and thus put your claims in jeopardy. Some sound legal minds believe that alone is enough to throw your case in the air. We wait and see what your appointed Judges have to say about that especially when it can be proven that the IEC chairman was not directly involved in any of the on-site counting of the votes.

These were done by the polling agents in the presence of all party agents and the results transmitted to the IEC headquarters for his endorsement. Occupying the IEC premises denying the staff access to their offices have generated legitimate concerns about the authenticity of the original ballot boxes which can be easily witched as was the case in past elections thus defeating the purpose of counting the ballots on the spot.

Plundering of State Coffers Before

If the reports we are getting from the foreign medias of huge movements of cash from the Central Bank is true, emptying the state coffers in preparation of war would only add to the financial and economic predicament of this country especially in the face of negative budget with debts well above D25 billion. Its been reported that some diplomatic and international institutions have been informed about these unusual and illegal movements of huge funds prior to the transfer of power.

While you still refuse to collaborate with the team of the president elect for a smooth transfer or power in a conducive and peaceful environment, we are surprised at the intensification of your propaganda campaign in both the local and international media to legitimize your continued stay in power despite defeat in the elections. Hiring a team in Senegal opportunists to form an alliance against war and discredit the regional body, ECOWAS, or deploying armed military personnel on key installations around the country, is counterproductive. Gambians can no longer be cowed by repression and intimidation. Our freedom is no longer for sale.

If the outcome of this year’s election is followed by a smooth transfer of power just like what is happening in Ghana, the election would mark the first change of presidency by popular election since independence from UK in 1965.

Over one million people cannot be wrong. Our situation have gone beyond political drama it is now an issue of national unity.

Written By An Insider 

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