Certified drunkard and womanizer Navy General Sillah Kujabi, nearly got his colleague Captain Fara Jobe, killed by Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Kujabi, was the one, who turned in Mr. Jobe to the outgoing Gambian despot. He accuses Mr. Jobe of abdication of duties, sabotage, among others. The duo even had a bitter argument prior to Fara Jobe, fleeing the country.

fara-jobeThanks to the few upright, honest and God fearing officers in the army, Fara’s life was saved. Attempts were made by Jammeh’s jungullars to locate Mr. Jobe’s home. But thanks to a timely tip off Jobe’s life was saved. He was advised to leave town, as Jammeh was after his head.

Jammeh’s intelligence do not know where Mr. Jobe lives. Mr. Jobe had two wives and the NIA were not sure about his exact whereabouts.  In fact, they had to place some phone calls to ask for Fara’s address.

Fara Jobe’s story goes like this: Mr. Jobe is the Chief navigator at The Gambia Navy (Marines). This was the officer, who operates the machine at the Navy, which scan ships that encroaches into our territorial waters. He is the only competent officer, who can effectively operate that machine well after the departure of former Navy Captain Simon Peters Mendy. Mendy now lives in the United States. He resigned from the army due to the unabated culture of nepotism, barbarism, and gross right abuses. 

Fara is a graduate of the University of The Gambia (UTG). He has attended Maritime training and conferences in Europe and America. His departure from the Navy, will no doubt hurt the country’s naval security. Sillah Kujabi, and co are clueless when it comes to protecting our sea waters from external encroachment.

What happens is that: Sillah Kujabi made up a story that Fara Jobe, is collaborating with some sailors spotted in our waters. He said his boys reported to him (Kujabi) that Mr. Jobe, was overheard in the control room communicating with the sailors of the said boats spotted in our waters. He suspects that Fara is a rented asset by some foreign agents.

When Fara, was confronted by Kubjabi, he denied the allegation. A quarreled ensued between the two officers. Sillah, then reported Fara to Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh, in turn instructed his assassin team to arrest and kill Fara.

Thanks to the timely intervention of some insiders at the State House, Fara Jobe, was alerted to leave town. This is how Fara fled the country. He now lives in Senegal. 

Fara Jobe, has long been eligible for promotion to the rank of Major, but Sillah Kujabi, denied him such promotion. Sillah said officers who refused to toe his line will never enjoy promotion under his watch. The same Silla Kujabi, has been threatening to jail and kill soldiers, who refused to join Jammeh in his latest attempt to subvert President elect Adama Barrow’s electoral victory.

The absence of Fara Jobe from the Navy, is a blessing in disguise for the upcoming ECOWAS operation in The Gambia. Today, anyone can encroach into our waters and conduct an operation without being detected by the Navy. 

Written By A Staff Writer 

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