Gambia: Breaking News: The Soldier Releases Weekend Bombshell-Jammeh’s Plots Unveiled!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as reported in our previous stories DCC clearly said it’s not over until monster Jammeh is out and DCC is still maintaining the same stance. Fellow Gambians, something big is brewing in Gambia, dictator Jammeh and his criminals are planning and orchestrating so many things. No matter what these criminals do, it is OVER. DCC can confirm to you that the army is divided and they have a surprise for monster Jammeh. According to the DCC state house agent, monster Jammeh has “started” telling ECOWAS that he may step down but at the same time planning evil things. In any case, below are dictator Jammeh evil plans: 

jk-and-zeinab-youngFellow Gambians, the first thing monster Jammeh and his cartel will do in court using Nigerian mercenary judges is announced on the 10th is that the election was rigged and that there needs to be fresh election. Justice Fagbenle, has been paid a lot of money and he will do anything for monster Jammeh to stay in power.

According to reliable DCC agents, monster Jammeh and his gangsters have been manipulating and fabricating election documents and results. This is why the IEC headquarters was invaded. One of the fake evidence they will present will be on votes in Sintet.  With the APRC petition against the results set for hearing at the Supreme Court on the 10th January, the mercenary judges will decide and favour dictator Jammeh. Apparently, they have gathered evidence, claiming that IEC rigged votes in Sintet which were thrown away and the Kalaji police found the votes in the bush, how can votes be found in the bush? It’s all a lie, dictator Jammeh and his criminal cartel manipulating and lying. The other fake evidence you will hear in court is around votes in Serrekunda east, dictator Jammeh is saying that he won Serrekunda east by 30 thousand. The mercenary judges will mention many faked results.

Dictator Jammeh is trying everything so that he can stay in power, he won’t step down. But he is a coward, don’t be surprise he boards a plane and run. The IEC office has been planted with fake documents. All APRC loyalists and supporters have been urged to be present at Banjul on the 10th, the whole objective again is to initiate chaos which will ultimately lead to fighting. That is what monster Jammeh wants. He is trying to create chaos before any foreign military intervention. Monster Jammeh knows that it’s over, he knows sanctions are coming, he knows that travel ban is coming, he is trying all tactics to use as bargaining position. This is why he has started telling ECOWAS that he may step down to buy him time, ECOWAS should not trust him.

Fellow Gambians, the second thing monster Jammeh and his cartel are planning to do is to arrest the entire coalition. Once they suspect that any military intervention is on the way they will execute this plan. In fact there is a squad in place to ambush all the coalition. DCC is warning monster Jammeh that we know everything you are planning to do. We know the whole squad. This squad is actively monitoring and following each member of the coalition. The coalition needs to be vigilant and should take this information VERY SERIOUSLY.

Fellow Gambians, the third thing monster Jammeh and his cartel are planning to do on the day of the inauguration is to stage a fake coup d’état and announce that monster Jammeh and Barrow have been overthrown and execute a state of emergency. This is monster Jammeh at his best, he will pretend that he is not even aware of the staged coup d’état whilst he is the orchestrator. Dictator Jammeh, DCC is aware of all your evil plans, DCC will expose everything to the entire world. Fellow Gambians, do you know why Fara Jobe of the Navy absconded? He was approached to participate on this fake coup d’état, fearing for his life he initially agreed and wisely absconded to Senegal. Mr Jobe please speak up, DCC knows that both you and your wife are in Senegal. DCC is proud of you and you will be shocked how a DCC agent spotted your wife whilst she was heading towards Senegal. In the meantime, dictator Jammeh has moved all the weapons to state house and Denton bridge.

Fellow Gambians, the fourth thing monster Jammeh and his cartel are currently executing is propaganda on GRTS. Lately Yankuba Colley is been on GRTS seeking APRC supporters to continue to be loyal to dictator Jammeh. On Friday, the foolish speaker and National Assembly Members were on GRTS preaching about peace. They are saying that we are all one, we should try and resolve this problem without foreigners. This people are hypocrites, they were sent by monster Jammeh, and they think that Gambians are fools. Where were these people when monster Jammeh was arresting, jailing and killing innocent Gambians? Why they never told dictator Jammeh the truth. They are all wolves in sheep clothing. They all know that their days are over. 

Fellow Gambians, another propaganda machine that used to operate underneath has finally surfaced. All these years, DCC has been telling you that devil Zeinab is more wicked than monster Jammeh. Finally, she spoke up and this is all in the interest of ensuring that monster Jammeh stays in power. There is a reason why DCC calls this heathen lady “devil”. Devil Zeinab made statements defending her so call husband. DCC reported that one of the key people telling monster Jammeh not to step down is nobody other than devil Zeinab. This is why on Wednesday, devil Zeinab made a statement that dictator Jammeh has rights too.  Devil Zeinab you said one has to fight for his/her right and that is what dictator Jammeh is doing, really?

Your statement is insulting to Gambians, where were you when Solo Sendeng was murdered by dictator Jammeh and his rogue NIA, where were you when Ousainou Darboe was illegally jailed? Where were you when thousands of girls were raped by rapist Jammeh? All the people who monster Jammeh jailed, killed have rights, why did you not speak up when dictator Jammeh has been killing innocent people? Devil Zeinab now is the time you are talking about people’s rights, Gambians have been demanding for this fundamental freedom for the last 22 years. Do you know what happened to iron Lady Simone Gbagbo, she is not iron lady anymore? Devil Zeinab on each of your trips are you not taking money from treasury which is meant for the entire entourage and you don’t give it to them. Don’t people starve when they travel with you, DCC has the evidence? Devil Zeinab does Momodou Sabally, have any rights? Why is he been illegally detained at NIA for all these months, can you ask monster Jammeh that question.  Devil Zeinab are you not the one who directed that Sabally be arrested because you did not approve of the pictures on the media, do you want to deny this?  

Fellow Gambians, as reported before people are getting afraid and there is some type of exodus happening. People in the Kombo area are have started traveling in large numbers towards the rural areas and Senegal. People who cannot go are packing and sending their people away. The international community and Senegal should start making plans to receive refugees in massive numbers. And this is what monster Jammeh wants, people should not run. 

DCC also believes that despite all the above plans monster Jammeh will chicken out at the last minute and RUN. The army will not fight for him, Saul Badjie, Ansumana Tamba, Musa Savage, Landing Tamba, etc are not going to fight and die for monster Jammeh. Besides the army will surprise monster Jammeh and devil Zeinab, will both of them be arrested, TIME WILL TELL? 

Monster Jammeh is a sadistic autocrat and does now care about Gambians. Dictator Jammeh and devil Zeinab are capable of killing every citizen of the country just to stay in power. But just like what happened during the election, there is a final surprise coming and they will be shocked. And once dictator Jammeh is gone Gambia will begin the long way to recovery, it’s a delicate endeavor which is not going to be easy. DCC is warning the army that monster Jammeh will get on a plane and leave them behind, where are they going, do they have a plan?

Let them think of the consequences. The army were enslaved as farmers and freed by the Gambian voters. One by one his loyal cronies are abandoning him, even his marabouts are nowhere to be found. Dictator Jammeh is a prisoner at state house, he cannot go anywhere, since Election Day he has not stepped out at all. Dictator Jammeh your reign is OVER, this is why you are using all types of levels of negotiations and you have started verbally telling ECOWAS that you will step down. ECOWAS should not TRUST YOU, although you packed some of your belongings you are capable of changing your mind because which you will deeply REGRET. Your rebel army will not fight for you, PERIOD.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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