Hello! Gambians 

My only advice to African leaders is they should learn to have peaceful transfer of power other than gearing towards serious bloodshed and destruction of infrastructures.Our problem is minding about your family and tribe and when shall we develop peacefully like other countries.Your president copied the example of other African presidents who resisted peaceful transfer of power like some East African countries etc.I think the AU should develop certain rules to guide them selves other than watching countries for resource gain. IGAD is just a name and ECOWAS should not follow the same culture like that.UN has started demonstrating big weaknesses and interests in certain countries but its a big blow to Africans if we don’t re-frame from such behaviors.

From Wojjo Sam

Republic of South Sudan.

Your concern is right but you see we still live in caves as Africans  and this is why our leaders take the citizenry for granted. After 22 years in office, I can tell the only negotiation  Jammeh wants is  to be told to remain in office and you know that would never happen. I am a Nigerian but as a region we need to send signals to our leaders that enough is enough. Many of us are compelled to live overseas due to bad leadership in our respective country, those who make peaceful revolution  impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable. That monkey needs to be flushed out.

Be blessed.

Bamidele Ola

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