The Gambian people would like to thank the International Community specially the ECOWAS, the UN, EU, UK and US organizations and governments for being on the side of the verdict of the Gambian electorate that voted Jammeh out of office peacefully and democratically. Adding Barrows votes to those of Kandeh’s votes clearly showed that 317476 Gambians voted against Jammeh’s 208487 voters.

As such Gambians said a very clear “NO” to Jammeh’s rule. That is the will of the Gambian people and anyone who does not acknowledge this universal fact is neither a true democrat nor a GOD fearing person.

Jammeh’s judicial and military maneuvers to stay in power whiles being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and the Custodian of the constitutional laws makes him a non-believer and a rebel by 19th January 2017.

Those associations and newly formed groups advocating for peaceful resolution of the political impasse in the Gambia should translate their tongues courage and go to Gambia and meet Jammeh before the 19th January deadline and ask him to step down peacefully. Instead of trying to score personal and group cheap gains by only stopping at the media gates for cheap publicity, they should rather muster their seeming courage and take the road to Banjul and talk to Jammeh. If you are so scared to go and meet Jammeh face to face to tell him to step down and handover power to president elect Barrow then your call for peace is fake and hypocritical to the core because you know you are shamelessly referring to a highly unreasonable person against the people’s will and GOD is watching you.

Gambians do love peaceful change and have clearly demonstrated it to the world but how if Yaya Jammeh does not care about peaceful change? Why is Yaya Jammeh holding Gambians in hostage and defying the world that no force on earth can make him go if he refuses to go?

The ECOWAS Heads of States, the Religious associations in the Gambia have all asked Jammeh face to face to hand over power peacefully and he refused to do so with the utter arrogant language he is known for the past 22 years.

All the professional associations in the Gambia have asked Jammeh to step down peacefully and he still refuses to go. Jammeh believes he came in power not thru the ballot box but by the bullets 22 years ago as such, Jammeh’s mindset in stuck in military power and not in people democratic power.

Life and death are intertwined just like peace and justice are for eternity.

Jammeh cannot hold Gambians and the world in ransom as if he is invincible. If GOD decrees that Jammeh will go by force no human being can prevent that. In any case the 19th January is the judgment day for Jammeh to go peacefully or forcefully. Those people and associations advocating for peaceful handover have until the 18th January to convince their friend to leave or face a world determined to uphold the voice of the Gambian people. So please spare us your cheap media propaganda and go to Jammeh ask him to spare himself, his family and friends the wrath of the people power.

Jammeh made a military coup d’état 22 years ago and now wants to try a constitutional and democratic coup d’état in 2017, this is UNACCEPTABLE to both Gambian voters and the Civilized world.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Aboubakary Mbodj Secretary General of RADDHO who departed this world yesterday in Paris. May his soul RIP.

Thank you.

Baboucarr Bojang.

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