The ultimate oxymoron in the 22 years of dictatorship and bad governance in the Gambia is that almost all the victims of Jammeh who worked for him or were close aids tend to be supportive of him or indifferent even after public shaming, harassment, torture, and imprisonment. We have seen this from former members of the AFPRC Ruling council, cabinet secretaries, National Assembly members, military personnel, public servants, private entrepreneurs and citizens. We have seen uncountable praise singing sessions of this low esteem mentally deranged despot by people he committed crimes against. Here is what I think.

  • It is public information that Jammeh do not solicit nor receptive to advice thus surround himself with half-baked pseudo public servants that he can easily manipulate for his lust for power and wealth.
  • He corrupt these unprincipled, ethically deficient individuals by appointments beyond their competences, perfect examples in his cabinet, directors, National Assembly members, governors and in the security and law enforcement.
  • He flamboyantly elevate their lives with ostentatious offerings in cash and kind, real estate, entertainments, travels and power, fringe benefits they are certain to forfeit beyond Jammeh.
  • Jammeh always use his newly bought loyalists to carry out his dirty tactics, stained their hands and induct them into the cult where the exit is usually suicidal.
  • The indoctrination processes are well documented in print and audiovisual footages and stored to keep the culprits vulnerable and always loyal to avoid blackmail.
  • He regularly will dump a batch after they served their purpose and recruit a new bunch as he is the master at divide and rule, a so-called Pan-Africanist bent on colonial primitive rule

Gambia was rule by this one man banditry without structures, systems and principles for 22 years with colossal human fatalities and titanic economic blunders and crimes. Jammeh’s arguments and selling points when he illegally took over power in 1994 was that the democratically elected government of the PPP overstayed, they were corrupt and flamboyant, and there was no accountability, transparency and probity in the system. However Sir Dawda and his ministers drove Mercedes and Peugeot vehicles, flew commercial and none of them lived in mansions. Grapevine had it that Jawara did not even have a house in Barajali, his native home. At least during the first republic, grants and loans to the Gambia government were properly disclosed and logged into the national coffers and not broadcasted as gifts and presents to a selfish wealth grabbing lunatic in the name of jammeh. Jawara also don’t make calls to the Central Bank of The Gambia and Parastatals and demand millions for his personal use which is habitual for Jammeh with total disregard to his fiduciary responsible as president over public funds.

Here are some facts for rationality:

  • Jawara ruled for 30 years on democratic principles and beliefs and jammeh ruled for 22 year with an iron fist characterized by killings, disappearances, torture, terror, lack of justice and Rule of Law.
  • Jammeh’ regime is characterized by endless unjustified firing and hiring without no recognition of the Public Service codes.
  • No system of checks and balances because of the partiality of the branches of governments. Jammeh appoints and fire judges and judicial staffs and members of the national assembly.
  • Jammeh is all about personal enrichment, amassing and fortifying power. Multi-million dollar real estates in kanilia, Potomac USA, Morroco, Muaritania, Dubai and billions of dollars in liquid cash in off shore accounts and other business investments for a man who was living on overdrafts prior 1994 and makes less than 2 million Dalasi annually as president.
  • Jammeh owns a private jet with its huge associated expenses; landing and parking fees, maintenance on the backs of poor tax payers who foot the sky miles of the regular shopping sprees of the gold digger exotic dancer wife.
  • A fleet of the world’s most expensive assortment of luxury vehicles from Maserati, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Hammer for a president of a poor country like Gambia.
  • Jammeh and his family sought medical treatment and consultations from the world’s most renowned private hospitals and doctors and his daughter goes to a private school in the USA with a price tag of $80k annually.

All these economic embezzlements and financial crimes happened in the face of severe electricity and water shortages, dreading healthcare services, poor and aging infrastructure, failing education system, massive unemployment, unaffordable cost of living with a per capita and poverty index score of fourth from the bottom in the list of countries.

The Jammeh era has been very exasperating epoch in the history of the Gambia but has served as an eye opener and a learning curve for all Gambians and his demise a lesson for all dictators. With all the state resources at his disposal; GRTS, government vehicles, cash, private media censorship, military and law enforcement control, the Gambian people overwhelmingly without fear voted the depot Jammeh out. He accepted defeat but later went into defiance which presents him 3 exit options and none look good for him:

Peaceful handover of executive power as mandated by the Gambian people. Sooner or later he will be indicted to answer to the economic and human atrocities he committed along with his cult who are now masturbating him to resist. Jammeh did you forgot the Algali Commission, your witch hunt worthless scheme that ruined families and lives.

Flee the country for President Elect to take over. You can run but cannot hide, take lessons from fallen dictators who went into hiding. You will be brought to justice.

The final option which is in line with his current rhetoric, refuse to abdicate power when his tenure expires on 01/18/2017. This is the most sensitive from a national security angle and he is leveraging it as his strongest bargaining position. Jammeh and his cohort will be declared rebels and enemies of the state and will be treated accordingly. The world is a global village bind by treaties and covenants to protect human and territorial sovereignties from Jammeh-like evils and nothing can stop that if he fail to succumb and descend.

Jammeh’s clique will go down with him, the likes of Yankuba Colley, Seedy Njie, Sam Sarr, the Badjie brothers, the junglers, his cabinet and directors. Their hands are filthy stained and no amount of cleaning can remove the blemishes. We have also seen pundits and self-crown analysts who claimed rights to political knowledge, security and law enforcement expertise circulating and promoting fear propagandas. They promoted and campaigned for a candidate with no credibility, not even a high school diploma, a former rubber stamp parliamentarian who owe his life to jammeh and as a kick back promised not to prosecute jammeh should he win the presidency which he will never come close. This is the biggest insult to all Gambians more so the victims which he is one; a fired elected representative against the will of his constituent. By my standards that statement disqualifies him to run for any public office. This political light weight made a statement on this medium rejecting arm intervention to flush out Gambia’s cancer while reiterated jammeh’s legal rights to petition the election results. Dude go read and if the constitution is very technical for you, hire a legal expert to break it down to your level and maybe you owe it to your voters to explain what mediation efforts you undertake to ensure peaceful transfer of power for the peace and stability. I guess this is the reason why the analyst fan of yours wrote an article urging Gambians to vote for you because Jammeh will readily hand over power to you without fear of indictment and will be war to hand over to a Mandinka. You all and Jammeh are one team and Gambia will never have a replication of this travesty.

Gambians have decided and nothing can stop that, come rain come shine. Jammeh and his criminal enterprise can embark on all kinds of media propagandas, exacerbate fear and instability and try to legitimize him via his commercialized judicial team but the #gambiahasdecided will prevail and a progressive democratic nation that we querulously waited for will take its first breathe on 01/19/2017. Power belongs to the people and will always. Jammeh have lost the election hands down, it was transparent and scuffle free. The ruling APRC is the only party that staffed all polling stations with agents and certified all results. It’s simple computation and no matter how many times you do the math you will arrive at the same conclusion that Gambia voted against Jammeh. If Jammeh can be crushed in his own hometown he transformed as second capital and that more than half of the populace of Foni stayed home then he should accept defeat with grace as he initially did.

His legal route is also at a cross road. For the sake of shared human decency and natural justice, one cannot single handedly pick judges to hear your own case. I want to send my strongest condemnation to those machinery judges and urge their Bar Associations strip them of their legal licenses for violating professional ethical standards of accepting bribes to sit on a high profile fraudulent case they already know is frivolous and a typical case of constitutional coup d’état. With that said the petition itself is deficient and poorly constructed by legal novices and the only party named in the petition that may show up to court is Jammeh and the APRC. The IEC has been shut down and the chairman absconded. The Coalition and President elect are not named parties to the court case and thus shouldn’t receive any subpoenas. The constitution is very clear about elections, results and power transfer, a quick summary below;

  • Only the IEC can organize elections in the Gambia
  • Only the IEC can declare results and a winner which becomes constitutionally binding.
  • The IEC declared winner of a presidential election become the duly elected president of the country and should be sworn in no more than 60 days.
  • Election petitions and grievances can be lodged at the courts for hearings.
  • Election petitions do not have any legal audacity to halt the inauguration of a newly elected president when the term of the incumbent expires.

With the aforementioned, there is no case to be heard at the Supreme Court; the election results have not been compromised nor any documented reports of irregularities but all declared results in conformant with records by all Returning Officers, polling and counting agents. If there was any election fraud and intimidation then the oppositions were the victims and APRC the culprit; voter suppression and merchandising, fear tactics and all behind scene voter and electoral manipulations the APRC is fond of which Mustapha Carol can attest to.

The old adage of what you sow is what you rip never fail. Jammeh, don’t listen to your insane tainted inner circle, they misled you before and they are at it again. You are now scripted by them and exploiting your current predicament to save their own faces and cover up their mischievous tenures. This is not natural for you and Gambians noticed.





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