I agree with Tamsir Mbai that we are all a family and we don’t want war or invasion in Gambia. We do not want ECOWAS or any entity to help determine or secure our freedom to live in peace and work towards a collective national growth. We Gambians want to determine our own faith.

We can also agree that 22 years of abuse, rape, torture, arbitrary arrest and denial of basic human rights and freedom of expression is very long time. We have shown patience. We have prayed now we are tired and we have had enough. Not one person that lives in Gambia can take issue with this.

We don’t want charity from anyone, we are willing and ready to pay with life and liberty for a real and lasting freedom. We are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Gambians have suffered unimaginable pains under Yahya.

Sending $100 home per person from diaspora is encouraged after Yahya is gone. We need all the help we can get to rebuild what Yahya has destroyed. But we don’t need food money. WE WILL CHOP our freedom until we die if needed. We must send a clear message to this horrible dictator that we are no longer afraid and we will no longer serve him. We the people by our action of civil disobedience can bring down his government. Yes we can.

Yahya is so used to getting his way, this is exactly what he is hoping and praying for. ” Soon they will disagree “. Then before you know it the 19Th, will be 20Th and on and on and on. Understand this, Yahya will not step down peacefully because in his mind Gambia is his personal property and we are all squatters on his “fathers compound ” He wants to rule for a billion years.

My brother I detest all forms of violence. Yahya has turned our country into a violent and dangerous place. We must do whatever is necessary to take our home back, then and only then can we REBUILD.

Mr Mbai thank you for your very thoughtful insight. I share your views, but NOW and not LATER is final chapter, we must not let Yahya stay one extra day after Jan 19Th.

Dr Isatou Sarr

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