This is exactly what Yahya Jammeh is trying to do.  Outgoing president Jammeh’s Lawsuit is completely baseless and fraught with inconsistencies, contradictions and outright falsehoods. It was not surprising to hear one of the appointed Nigeria judges who declined his appointment saying that he cannot be used ‘to seize power’ for Jammeh

jammeh-in-uniformSpeaking from a layman’s point of view, I believe am not the only person to raise genuine concerns about the illegality of cancelling the elections, annulling the results and declaring yourself as winner.  The petitions of President Jammeh and that of his party mobiliser are only designed to subvert the will of the people who massively voted for Adama Barrow as their legitimate president in the December 1st elections.

The Gambian Bar Association had already condemned Jammeh’s rejection of the result which they say, “tantamount to treason under the Gambian Constitution”.  In re-echoing the powerful, terse and unprecedented statement delivered on December 12, the Bar described President Jammeh’s utterances as “calculated to subvert the expressed will of the Gambian electorate and in so doing, tantamount to a constitutional coup”.

Children not going to schools

It seems the political impasse is also affecting schools within the country. Children have been asked to stay at home until January 25 because of the looming crisis following the outgoing president’s intransigence to respect the results of the election and step down.

Taxi drivers, petty traders, restaurant and other business owners have not escaped the crisis either. They are afraid of what is going to happen following the refusal of the president to hand over power. To say that the whole population is not concerned about the looming crisis is an understatement. The only business that is doing well right now is the GPA ferries where thousands of fleeing population are using its services to travel out of the country. The economic cost of this impending crisis is staggering and touching every facets of our lives all because one person wants to rule the country forever.

Shutting down private radio stations for giving airtime to members of the opposition

The authorities are not only restricting the president-elect and his coalition access to the main public television GRTS but have been going around closing down any radio station that allow the incoming team airtime.

With the plethora of Senegalese TV stations being received throughout the country and advances in social media/ smartphones the president elect and his team should ensure regular coverage of their official engagements is transmitted in greater coverage by the TV stations in Senegal. TFM and 2stv will be ready to broadcast important information concerning the activities of the incoming president.  There is need to strategize and broadcast important information to the public until the heads of state from ECOWAS will be able to resolve the crisis.

After 22 years in power and winning four controversial elections, Yahya Jammeh should know that our votes are more powerful than the entire arsenal of weapons he wants to use against us. We voted for change and that decision must be respected. In less two weeks his presidential mandate will end, Gambians will be left to pick the pieces after a very brutal and repressive rule. But our collective strength will see us through even if foreign judges decide to overturn Adama Barrow’s legitimate victory. 2017 will be a challenging year for everybody.

God Bless The Gambia

Written By An Insider 

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