A meeting was convened today in Banjul, in which Gambia’s security chiefs were threatened with execution if they contemplate fleeing the country in coming days and months, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The meeting was organized by Interior Minister MA Bah and General Saul Badjie. It was held at the Police Headquarters in Banjul at the Conference room at 9 AM Gambian time. The security chiefs were told that they are free to leave town, but if caught they would be killed without any delay. They also threatened to kill families of fleeing officers. 

Dressed in a green “Waramba” MA Bah, said he and Gen. Badjie, have been delegated by dictator Jammeh to sound the views and opinions of the security chiefs about their willingness to fight in the event of an invasion from ECOWAS. Both MA Bah, and Gen. Badjie said soldiers and security personnel, who refused to defend the country, would be killed.

An interesting revelation was made during the security chiefs’ meeting. MA Bah, said Senegal, will not intervene in the current political impasse saying if Senegal was really interested in military confrontation they would have asked their citizens living in The Gambia to leave the country.

“Senegal, will never attack the Gambia militarily. Their citizens still live in this country,” he said.

The security chiefs were also told to crush any attempt to inaugurate President elect Adama Barrow, on January, 19th 2017.  Bah and Badjie said security officers, who refused to use force to kill opposition supporters in the event of a possible showdown would be killed. The duo said the respective security agencies and units would be supplied with arms and ammunition on January 16th to prevent Adama Barrow from being sworn in. They vowed to kill any Gambian, who throngs the street to attend the upcoming inauguration.

At the said meeting, security chiefs were threatened with death if suspected or caught supplying information to Pa Nderry M’Bai and Fatu Camara. They were warned to desist from supplying information to the international media.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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