As the countdown of the inauguration of president elect (Mr Adama Barrow) narrows down to just little over a week, and the outgoing president (Yahya Jammeh) still adamant to step down when his mandate ends on the 18th January 2017. There is no better time to remind the security forces they swore to defend the constitution and protect the Gambian people, not to be loyal to Jammeh. Why Jammeh did took his family to a safe haven before starting his blunder? His so-called rhetoric he “love The Gambia” is a  mere phoney, giving the fact that he have edge the country ever closer to war in order to satisfy his never ending power hunger.  It is very disturbing that he is trying to use the very people who took oath to defend the constitution and protect the people, the security forces in this case. Therefore the security forces have got the ultimate choice to follow suit of the precedent set by those jumping the sinking ship of would be REBEL LEADER (Jammeh) or defend the constitution rather than following his illegal orders. It will be very irresponsible to let be drag by the already cornered Jammeh into his blunder and take the country into war just for money and promotion which he is using right now to buy loyalty.

Reports that there is a mass exodus of people from the country into the neighbouring countries is very disturbing. When The Gambian people spoke loud and clear in last year December 1st election. It seems to fall in the deaf ears of Jammeh. His reaction ever since his election defeat is a cause for concern. In a televised concession phone call where he conceded defeat to the president elect, which shocked the world taking into account he would have been the first dictator to be unseated by election peacefully.  Barely a week later he proved the cynics right by rejecting the election result in a televised speech on baseless grounds, putting the country in a political deadlock and edging the country ever closer to war. Gambia has always been a peaceful country despite been ruled with an iron fist over the past 22yrs by a tyrant (Jammeh). His erratic behaviour is a clear indication that he is taking for granted the peaceful nature of the Gambian people. In an election organise and tailored by him, the people spoke loud and clear and would not hesitate for their will to be respected. Taking into consideration of Jammeh’s behaviour since the defeat, the road ahead is set to be a bumpy road but ultimately justice will prevail for the electorate in this situation of one man against the world. The whole world stood by the people and has continued to endorse their will, leading Jammeh and his very few irresponsible henchmen to loners and losers.

Adding to the political deadlock, the situation has also created economic uncertainty in an already crippled economy. The economy has very much struggled under Jammeh’s watch. The political uncertainty created did rather not help the already crumbled economy instead have put it in a standstill. Tourism the main source of income for the economy should have been at its peak by now but instead in a dead mode. In addition to that, there have been reports of a shortage of essential items and is set to deteriorate further, giving that the already handful of businesses in the country have halted their imports of goods, including Jammeh himself giving the fact that he is one of the biggest businessman in the country. Adding to his brutal leadership, likewise his economic crimes are outrageous. All indications proved he have not planned for the defeat and is in a confused mode, which left him in a fight or flight situation. Jammeh have heavily invested in profitable businesses in the country, building himself a business empire over the years. These are set to be confiscated once he leave office in this situation he is doing everything to cling on to power in order to protect his business interest and flamboyant life style at all cost. Over the years Jammeh has very much interfered in the business sector to his interest which has left the sector struggling all these years. Perhaps a bright light is at the end of the tunnel when the verdict of the people is implemented, who clearly had enough and spoke loud and clear in the election.

On a final note, once again to remind the security forces they took an oath to defend the constitution and to protect The Gambian people at all cost. Meanwhile, over the coming days and week the world will be closely watching your loyalty. For those in the dilemma whether to be loyal to the country or would be rebel leader (Jammeh), common sense clearly dictates the ultimate choice is to be loyal to the country and her people. It is worth remembering any attempt to support the would be rebel leader in starting a rebellion is an act of treason and such people will be judged by history and will forever remain in the wrong side of history. Gambia cannot afford to lose this momentum, a long fought momentum. Despite Jammeh going to the extreme such as using the judiciary by appointing mercenary judges in the Supreme Court at the eleventh hour who will serve his interest and rule in his favour in his so called petition to nullify the election. Furthermore, he has embarked on illegally shutting down media institutions and arbitrary arrest, all in an attempt to subvert the people’s will. He is certainly deem to fail and should not be supported in his untenable attempt. He is set to be a rebel after the 18th January as he still refuses to step down. His government have lost legitimacy to the international world and above all lost confidence to the Gambian people. Jammeh can no longer be able to unite the country he deeply divided. It is time for change; the people have voted for change and are ready for the change! Jammeh should give the country a break from dictatorship and a fresh start for democracy. Power belongs to the people!

Written by Cherno Jallow

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