Gambia: Bombshell: The Soldier Exposes Jammeh’s Desperate Attempt To Reach Out To Mama Kandeh; Jammeh’s Fake News Propaganda Exposed; Zeinab Is About To Desert JK; Seedy Njie Snitching On Sheriff!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, according to DCC state house agent, monster Jammeh, has gone crazy and is completely confused. Yesterday evening, he called for a meeting and started making false allegations. Monster Jammeh making false accusation that Halifa Sallah was arrested at the Jiboro border and returned to the Kombos. Monster Jammeh, is personally telling state house guards that OJ Jallow has absconded, this is monster Jammeh at his best. This is a way of him trying to convince his loyalists that everything is fine when things are not. Dictator Jammeh was shouting on the phone that he alone will decide who will be the next president and not the Gambian people. He said that election must take place again and Mama Kanda will join APRC so that he will be his successor. Fellow Gambians, two months prior to the general election dictator Jammeh was approached by his top loyalists to join hands with Mama Kandeh and he vehemently turned the idea down and told everyone not to ever tell him that again. With no choice now, he is working with the same group to join hands with Mama Kandeh. With his wishful dreams, dictator Jammeh still believes that there is going to be elections and he will ultimately win and in a year or so he will hand the baton to Mama Kandeh. According to DCC state house agent, this has been discussed and solidified. This is dictator Jammeh’s last card and he is still dreaming. Dictator Jammeh is telling his loyalists that over his dead body will any member of the coalition lead this country, dictator Jammeh do you want to deny this? Did you not say that they are all power hungry and only the APRC will rule for eternity and the way to do that is to bring Mama Kandeh into the party, do you want to deny this? Post Jammeh era all this will be confirmed accordingly, DCC has all the evidence.

Fellow Gambians, DCC can also report that devil Zeinab is on the verge of running and before the inauguration she will get out of the country. Even before the election, she had attempted to leave the country, but that was wisely blocked by the proper authority. And DCC can guarantee Gambians that devil Zeinab will go out soon. Devil Zeinab has been hiring lawyers left and right, dictator Jammeh are you aware of this? Do you know that once you are finish devil Zeinab is working with lawyers to protect everything she had stolen from the country. A majority of the lawyers are turning her down but she is calling them from the Gambia and trying to see what is her options, can she run, will she be arrested. Devil Zeinab the lawyers will not be able to save you, only the TRUTH PREVAILS. Devil Zeinab when are you taking off for good, where are you flying to?

In the meantime, state house is very tense. DCC can predict that if monster Jammeh don’t run soon, he will either arrest Saul Badjie, or Saul Badjie will arrest dictator Jammeh. The writing is on the wall and you can clearly see it. There are more than 5 fractions inside state house and each is monitoring the other. The divide and rule system dicator Jammeh planted will haunt him SOON. The stage coup plot he wants to execute on inauguration day is falling apart but is still not off. Dictator Jammeh is trying everything but whatever he plans comes out in the open because a majority of the army don’t want to participate and they want peace for our dear land. Dictator Jammeh DCC knows of all your evil plans and DCC will EXPOSE you, devil Zeinab and your criminal gang to the last second.  With or without foreign intervention the army WILL NOT SUPPORT dictator Jammeh on the 19th, that is guaranteed!!!

Despite all the recent development, the insane CDS Ousman Badjie, minister of Interior Ma Bah and security chiefs are still touring the country and urging people to rally behind dictator Jammeh. Ma Bah, the people of Lamin town are shocked that you have turned into a monster too. Ma Bah, do you recall how you were tortured at NIA, do you remember how long you were jailed at MILE-2? MA Bah, do you know how many DCC agents helped you in the process, TIME WILL TELL. But you are a disgrace to the people of LAMIN and DCC is aware of all your criminal activities. During your tour, you met DCC agents and everything has been recorded. DCC knows everything you have discussed with the rogue NIA DG Yankuba Badjie and Saul Badjie.

Fellow Gambians, lately dictator Jammeh is giving away cars like 10 dalasi bills. Dictator Jammeh is giving free vehicles to YAI COMPINGS, top loyalists, the army, police, etc. DCC is warning these people that all these cars were bought with state money, he stole all of it, RETURN THE CARS NOW. Since when did dictator Jammeh becomes so nice, he knows that it’s over and is trying every play card. It won’t work, IT’S OVER. Dictator Jammeh is so confused that he is hiring school drop outs for ministerial position. How can monster Jammeh appoint Seedy Njie, as a minister, a school dropout? Fellow Gambians, you will not believe how this appointment transpired. Upon learning that Sherriff Bojang has absconded Seedy Njie, went to the president and told him that Sherriff was actually dating his wife, really Seedy, Sherriff was dating your wife? Dictator Jammeh confirmed it and said that he was just waiting for things to calm down and he was going to arrest Sherrif Bojang. DCC warned Sherriff, long time ago but he never listened. Sherrif is a disgrace to the nation, this is a guy who went on national TV and defended that the late trade union leader Sherriff Diba was not assassinated by NIA agents. Sherrif did not feel any remorse after the state murdered our hero Solo Sendeng. Sherrif DCC has all the proofs where you told dictator Jammeh that you will make sure that all the online media is shut down. Do you remember the trip you made to China, we have a lot. Above all, DCC can reveal to you that you are not going to say anything maddening to dictator Jammeh because you know that NIA has a tape with a word we don’t want to mention. DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive things, DCC can mention that you dated an NIA agent and whatever the two of you did is captured on tape and dictator Jammeh is waiting for you to say anything. This is why in your statement you are still worshiping him and not saying anything. DCC is also warning Seedy Njie that he will fall in the same trap and his is going to be worst. Seedy Njie, has a SUPERKANJA mouth so he does not have the discipline to keep to himself, just wait and see. 

Fellow Gambians, below is a list of dictator Jammeh loyalists who need to be warned that it is over. If any of the people below is a friend or family member call and ask them to desist from what they are doing. DCC knows everything they are planning:

Sulayman Colley Immigration

Ebrima Jammeh AKA Kunchi – NDEA

Alagy Sanyang NDEA 

Matarr Conteh 

Omar Badjie – NDEA

Amadou Pajero Jammeh

Bakary Jaiteh AKA Bakso at APRC Bureau

Staff sergeant Sanna Sowe military intelligence

W02 Assan Jah responsible for sowing PIU uniform for cassamance youth 

Tailor name is Alhpa at Dobson street in Banjul

Yusupha E Colley Navy

Boto Keita APRC Bureau

Commissioner Tamba Serrekunda immigration

Lamin jarj RSM

Ebrima Bojang chief armour

Modou Lamin Bojang

Ousainou Sanneh

Aba Jarju

Landing Jarju

Lieutenant Yusupha Sanneh Navy

William Dembo

Malang Bojang

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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