For anyone to say that The Gambia is at crossroads is an understatement. The Gambia is a nation in crisis. Our country, which was onetime referred to as the smiling coast of Africa, is on the brink of total collapse—economic, political and national security.

As President elect Adama Barrow’s inauguration is nearing, political tensions are mounting. The political stalemate remains unresolved. There is no indication to suggest that dictator Yahya Jammeh will facilitate a safe transfer of power come January, 19th.  

Despite local and international efforts to convince Jammeh to reconsider his position in rejecting the outcome of the elections, Mr. Jammeh remains adamant.  He has made his position loud and clear on the matter. He says he will not cede power—citing what he calls electoral irregularities which purportedly occurred on the December,1st Presidential elections. He has since filed a petition before the Supreme Court, the highest court of the land, asking the court to annul President elect Barrow’s electoral victory.

Gambia, there is a major setback on Jammeh’s quest to use the Supreme Court to nullify electoral results announced by the Independent Electoral Commission headed by Alieu Mamar Njie, who is currently on the run. The judges, mainly from Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, who were supposed to hear Jammeh’s petition have failed showed up in The Gambia. This latest development is a major blow to Jammeh’s desperate attempt to undermine the wishes and aspirations of The Gambian people by electing Adama Barrow.

Gambia, almost every sector of Jammeh’s regime is falling part. At the Attorney Generals’ Chambers, the Nigerian mercenary lawyers, who were tasked to litigate Jammeh’s bogus election petition are on the run. The Director of Public Prosecution and his Deputy, both Nigerian nationals, have fled the country. Almost everyone is abandoning Jammeh at this hour.

Gambia, despite Jammeh’s low approval ratings, local and international isolation, coupled with a divided dying regime, the million dollar question is: Will President elect Adama Barrow be sworn in on January, 19th as the country’s third President since independence? Every Gambian—both at home and abroad, who wants meaningful change should ponder on this vital question.  

Dictator Jammeh’s vindictiveness, and hatred towards The Gambia, and her peaceful citizens is evident all over the place. Jammeh wants to see a blot bath in The Gambia, before any elected government would be ushered into office. The massive closure of private radio stations, arrest of opposition supporters, and the heavy military presence in the streets all are geared towards sowing seeds of discord in the country.

Gambia, as we speak, thousands of locals are fleeing the country ahead of President elect Barrow’s much talked about Presidential inauguration. There is panic in the streets, at the workplace, in the market, and people’s homes.

Folks, there is something fundamental that many Gambians are missing in Jammeh’s recent crackdown of the local radio stations. For President elect Barrow to be inaugurated, he needs a private radio station to cover his inauguration ceremony since GRTS is a no go area for the Transition Team. Jammeh shutting down the local radio stations will no doubt hinder an effective inauguration ceremony.

Gambia, Jammeh is up to no good! Do not be surprised if he shut down the Internet and Gamtel’s international phone line gateway days before the inauguration of President elect Barrow. The writings are already on the wall for all to see. As the saying goes: In order to effectively control a given population, one needs to control information sharing and dissemination. And that’s exactly what Jammeh is doing at this hour.

Gambia, the current political impasse is a worrisome development. The stalemate might end up backfiring against Jammeh, but things doesn’t look good as we speak.

A meeting was held at the police headquarters in Banjul, on Monday, in which Interior Minister MA Bah and General Saul Badjie warned security chiefs, who have in mind to desert from their respective units to ready to face death. Bah and Badjie said any security officer caught fleeing the country, would be killed. They also talked about shooting and killing Gambians, who intend to show up at President elect Barrow’s proposed inauguration.  Arms and ammunition would be supplied to the security forces on January, 16th, three days before the upcoming inauguration. MA Bah, talks about the presence of Senegalese nationals in The Gambia during the meeting. He said Senegal is not interested in disrupting Jammeh’s regime. If it does, Senegal, would have withdrawn its citizens from The Gambia.

Gambia, we have long been telling you that Yahya Jammeh doesn’t love The Gambia and her people. If he does, he wouldn’t have expose the country into such a predicament.

The Gambian vote should be defended despite Jammeh’s declaration of war against our nation and the world at large. If Jammeh can get away with such a treasonable act, then democracy would be at risk. The wishes and aspirations of The Gambian people got to be respected.

The army, the police, the NIA, and all security agencies in the country, are equally expected to defend President elect Barrow’s electoral victory. The stakes are high, but the will of The Gambian people must be upheld. We rest our case Gambia.  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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