Earlier this morning as one dashes through the crowded streets of London for the Tube, a NEWS flash suddenly appeared before the phone screen, from an old acquaintance now based in Dakar. The message – Ordinary Gambians, in large numbers at that, have begun fleeing our tiny nation shifting through the border into Senegal. The political uncertainty at home since that December 1st polls, further exacerbated by the tyrannical arrangements of the outgoing president has prolonged the crisis, and pain the Gambian people continue to endure.

Samsudeen-Sarr--700x755The rest of that train ride was a whirlwind, of daze, lost in time, reminiscent of a world far from London. This was also a moment of quiet contemplation – when it occurred to me that you, indeed you, Mr Diplomat, is the rightful guy to turn to – gauge your mind, whilst sharing mine.

Mr Samsudeen Sarr – You are a man I’d admired from afar. As countrymen of beautiful Gambia, deepened by a “serere” ethnic grouping. We were further matched by a shared hatred of the TYRANT within, in a sustained diaspora campaign to rid “The Gambia” of YAHYA JAMMEH. Remember, you’ve contributed a lot in that struggle, gathering a loyal fan-base along the way, deliberately via online diaspora mediums. Over the years, however, we still cross paths through telephone lines linking London and New York analysing global events sharing laughter in the process. Sam, be rest assured that this write-up isn’t meant to malice, or judge, rather, appealing to your good nature by stating the OBVIOUS too.

Putting it PLAIN – The time has come for you to abandon the fast sinking Jammeh ship, and swim. Mr diplomat, one would be lying if one tries to sugarcoat this in any other fashion – The status quo is unsustainable, and your defiance is helping maintain sic. Revisiting December 1st – The Gambian people have spoken clearly – and their verdict is FINAL: Although one had left you be, wishing you’d come to sound conclusions, it appears you are incapable, for your own good – necessitating this email. Once more, for the sake of your offsprings, and those closest to you, the good “SARR” family name shall continue to be mired in controversy as long as you stay put – throwing away a life for a desperate despot who cares about, but his “SELFISH” self. 

Give PEACE a chance, TONIGHT!, and RESIGN, further calling on Yahya Jammeh to vacate the presidency, in a PEACEFUL SETTING come January 19th. And I dare say, anything short of this, you shall live to regret. The Gambian people are a simple lot, a forgiving and forgetting bunch – whom you are loved by and a core part of. Imagine the damage and final blow your switch will do to the dictator, and the worldwide PRESS coverage thereafter.

With a starry night descending aà across the London skyline – I send this correspondence bullish on the fact that you’ll do the right thing for the NATIONAL INTEREST – as poverty stricken Gambians continue to aim for the border, fleeing in large numbers.

I remain.

Gibril Saine

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