Dear Pa,

I have received many calls and emails from friends and associates asking me, if I am related to Mr Samsudeen Sarr. Mr Sarr is a Yahya apologist per excellence. He is a disgraced soldier and coward. Samsudeen is a man, without honor or allegiance to any nation or cause. A sycophant, who sold his soul for a few dalasi. All he cares about is how much money he can chop. He has a right to write any rubbish he wants and it’s his prerogative to defend whom ever he chooses. We cannot be more different in our belief and conviction. I disagree with all he represents.

Many people have the same last name in The Gambia. This man is not a member of our family and I don’t know him nor wish to know him or be associated in anyway with this traitor of our motherland.

Pa I appreciate if you put this in your newspaper.

Dr Isatou Sarr

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