Please allow me space in your medium to air my views on the current state of our motherland. I am of the view that we the Gambians have peacefully followed due process in voting Adama Barrow to steer the affairs of our beloved country.

We now have the task of reaching out to the coalition team with ideas, to chart a way forward to the country that we yearn to live in the future , Gambia belong to all of us now is a time to contribute because the task at hand is huge. I don’t know if it is helpful to just stay on the sidelines and complain about what could have or should have. I don’t know that calling a radio station  with what the coalition  should be doing is making your ideas count where it matters most.

The coalition is new at the multi facet clean up task to undo the wrongdoings of the second Republic. We must remind  ourselves that the Gambia needs our  brains, resources and some . let’s take a seat at the table and bring our input for the love of country, for change start with us because we are the actors. we should all try to lead from wherever we can. 

We should be discussing about negotiations with Yaya Jammeh , we don’t need nothing from him, we did our part ,we demand that he does his period , no amount of tricks will make him not be accountable to us the Gambian people . He came to power poor and now boast of wealth illegally obtain . Y

aya  you promised us accountability , transparency but you failed to deliver , instead you looted our country wealth, sold Gambia UN votes then personalized the proceeds . All we need from you is to accountable for your terms in office. I promise we will be fair to you something that you denied us. This is not witch hunt I want to believe you lead our nation using the principles of the Holy Quran that you carry with you daily as a Muslim . if you are not interested in being paid what you earned then something is wrong and I understand why you are worried because we will  apply the law. 

Thanks for your space.

Modou cham

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