He was shocked in defeat and conceded publicly, the people rejoiced and danced in the streets, they felt pain and demanded justice. Some tore his posters, others wanted to make sure he does not run away and cause rebellion. They want him to sit in Mile 2 like so many he locked away in that terrible prison. He is wicked, cunning and he waited and planned his next move.

He created a crisis, he beat the war drums and caused fear in the land. He knew all along that the people will succumb to his will, because they are a peace loving and God fearing people. Now they ask him to just leave them in peace, they say we don’t want war, we don’t want vengeance, we won’t prosecute you, we won’t put you in mile 2, just let us be, just go away from our lives. He won, yes he won. He got what he wanted all along. He got his “amnesty by default ” .

Those seeking vengeance retreated, they rather see him leave, so Gambia can keep the peace. This is the price Gambia must pay to get rid of this evil man. Is it worth it, yes it is. President Elect Adama Barrow must be sworn in on the 19Th. Barrow is the symbol of our freedom and independence.

Nobody knows what Yahya will do. We only pray that he does what is in Gambia best interest not what his greed and desire dictates. To all my brothers and sisters do not despair, we won the peace and we have our freedom. Allah is the ultimate judge of all.

God Bless The Gambia.

Dr Isatou Sarr of

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