I partly listened to Jammeh’s speech last night and I am in a serious dilemma trying to understand where he stands at this crucial time. He seems to claim that there was voter fraud in our election in the sense that foreign interferences and IEC impartiality played a part in him losing the election. Now, that is far from the point taking into consideration that on Election Day, all the results were counted on the spot and certified by each party’s representative.  The Gambia’s electoral process is very simple because the voters go in the poll booths and just drop a pebble in the box of the candidate of their choice. The results are counted based on the pebbles in the respective ballot box. The electoral staff and party representative then certify those results before IEC making any announcement. I do not see how foreign interference and hacking or IEC impartiality could play a role in Jammeh’s defeat. His claim is not only frivolous but also very vexatious.

ebou ngum editThe bottom line is that Jammeh has lost all avenues to stay in power. I knew for sure that the Judges from Nigeria will not show up to help Jammeh cling to power unnecessary after losing a free and fair elections. How could President Buhari as a mediator see himself to allow his own countrymen come to the Gambia and help to prolong a dictatorship? Now that the Judges are not likely to show up until May 2017, he decided to prolong his stay beyond January 19, which is not only unconstitutional but very terrorizing too. If according to Jammeh only the Supreme Court can declare someone President, then why do the Gambians go to the polls every 5 years? We might as well get the Supreme Court to nominate a President for us when the mandate of office of any incumbent President expires.

Come to say it again, how can the National Assembly extend the term of office of a President that had lost a legitimate election? What kind of injustice would it be for anyone to think that such a thing could happen in the Gambia?  For 22 years, Gambians have heard nothing from Yahya Jammeh other than “I will kill you. “I will cut your throat”. I will bury 9 feet deep”. “Take your aid money away”. No election or military takeover can remove me”. Now that the tide of change has taken its toll on the Gambia in the form of an election, this same outspoken, unkempt and malevolent dictator has decided to tone down urging Gambians to embrace peace. Where was peace when he took the lives of many Gambians and those that we could not account for to date? The Gambia has certainly decided and come what may, we must have our President elect sworn in on January 19.

Yahya Jammeh should realize that the fear factor among the Gambians have faded away completely. The fact that people could muster courage and go to the polls and vote against him should send a signal to him that his time is over. There is no need going to the national television and make confusing and misguided statement, no one fears him anymore. Come January 19, he is no longer President of the Republic of the Gambia. He can remain in the Gambia and await the arrival of the Supreme Court Judges while the Gambia moves on with President Barrow. Whether he will occupy the State House by force or go back to Kanilai with his Ministers to work on his farm, Adama Barrow will be the President of the Gambia.

Written By Ebou Ngum – Everett Washington

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