Today, Yahya went on state controlled TV and made his case to Gambians for peace and patience while “we” work through our differences. He proclaimed amnesty for unspecified people for unspecified crimes against the nation. The entire spectacle was shameful and disgraceful. If not that the games he is playing is so dangerous and people may loose their lives, it will be a bad comedy.

First he unilaterally canceled the election results, declared himself winner,filed a bogus challenge to an unconstitutional Supreme Court , created a constitutional crisis in the country, destabilized the government functionaries, fired hard working honest men and women who simply asked him to do what was in the best interest of the country, assaulted the sanctity of the IEC, sent top officials into self imposed exile and generally made a complete mockery of the true essence of our national pride and heritage.

He postponed the scheduled meeting of the ECOWAS representative until Friday. He proclaimed that only the Supreme Court can decide who is president. The Court cannot sit until May 2017, therefore his conclusion is that while we work out our differences, The President Elect Adama Barrow and Gambians should wait patiently while he Jammeh figure out a way to hang on to power.

Gambians must not allow this man to manipulate us, lie to us, take us for fools and clutch on to power. We know he has no intention of handing over as was demonstrated by the politically matured people in Ghana. Yahya is a power hungry tyrant that will do anything to remain in the state house. We suffered under his rule, we had enough, all we want is for him to let us be. We don’t want him and we don’t love. Yahya we are sick of your lies, we won’t listen to you.Go away!!!

God Bless The Gambia

Dr Isatou Sarr

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