Gambia: Bombshell: Gambia’s Interior Minister And Others To Stage A Palace Coup Tonight!


Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, as reported in our last story DCC, clearly said it’s not over until monster Jammeh, is out of the country and today is going to be a symbolic day for the Gambia. Today, will mark if the army really cares about our country or not. Fellow Gambians, as we put this report together there is total mayhem in the army and unknown to many Gambians there are few bad soldiers in the army, who want to stage a coup d’état in the early hours of Friday morning. There is total chaos and the country is under a state of uncertainty and turmoil. Nothing is orderly and the turbulence is visible everywhere. Soldiers are fleeing the country in large numbers but as reported on this paper over, and over again, the list of people below are standing by monster Jammeh and are planning to stage a coup TONIGHT.

In our last publication, we reported that CDS Ousman Badjie, MA Bah minister of interior and security chiefs toured the country and in the process they were recruiting officers to join them in their evil plan. DCC has compelling evidence which we will reveal post Jammeh era. In every military barracks, they attempted to recruit officers and a majority of the people they approached refused and turned down the idea, they don’t want to be part of this evil plot. This evil plot is supposed to be executed on January 15th but since the information is leaking they want to overthrow the coalition on Friday morning.

Remember that dictator Jammeh believes on Friday mornings, Friday is spiritual to him. Unless a majority of the people on the list below abscond potentially they will attempt to overthrow the coalition but DCC can ASSURE Gambians that a majority of the army will not be involved which will lead to fighting in the army. Many people in the army were approached and they refuse to join and monster Jammeh is aware that he has no support. One of the reasons they want to do this is to prevent ECOWAS from entering the country tomorrow. A reliable DCC agent communicated this. This is why in our last story we purposely address MA Bah, he is one of the leaders. This is a person who was wrongly arrested, tortured, jailed and DCC agents helped him whilst he was under custody and this man has turned into an evil tyrant. Ma Bah DCC is aware of everything you are planning. The people of Lamin are shocked and can’t understand how come you are a change man now. The coalition should take this information SERIOUSLY.

Fellow Gambians, if you have a family member in the army PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call them right away and urge them not to join this evil plan. If you know the people below CALL THEM TOO and maybe you can influence and convince them to flee. It is not worth fighting a losing battle, it does not matter what they do it’s over, it’s just a matter of time. It is URGENT for concerned Gambians to call the people so that we can prevent our beloved country from a civil war.

Sillah Kujabi 

Ma Bah

Yankuba Badjie 

Saul Badjie 

CDS Ousman Badjie 

Ansumana Tamba 

Nuha Badjie 

Gilbert Gibba

Kawsu Bojang

Borra Colley

Aliue Jah

David Colley

Esa Tamba Jesus

Musa Savage 

Fellow Gambians, this group of people, top APRC loyalists and supporters were not happy with monster Jammeh when he made the “soft” statement Tuesday night. They are all complaining that monster Jammeh betrayed them and that he cannot be trusted. Dictator Jammeh is confused but he is leaning towards fleeing and also asking for amnesty so that he can live in Kanilai peacefully. But Saul Badjie and co are telling him that they cannot do that, they have to maintain the status quo, PERIOD. The good news coming out of DCC agents is that they don’t have enough people, resources and the information is also leaking like wild fire. The junior soldiers are completely saying no to them.

For the ones who are still with dictator Jammeh, their morale is very low and they are so unpredictable. One second they are saying let them hand over power to the coalition, another second, they are saying let them arrest dictator Jammeh, and also contemplating about running. So they are all confused. DCC agents are all on standby and alert, DCC agents are monitoring these people. Dictator Jammeh is also blaming the former Secretary General for not advising him to negotiate for amnesty. DCC will do anything to prevent these monsters from plunging our dear land into civil war. 

Fellow Gambians, the next hours and days will define the future of our country. This is why DCC is emphasizing that if you know any of the people mentioned above, CALL THEM RIGHT NOW. Tell them to go home and not be involved in the planned coup. DCC agents will be up all night and monitoring the grounds and will be exposing any new development. Call the people now, IT IS NOW OR NEVER. EXIGENT at its HIGHEST. 

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs.

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