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It’s a coup, if Jammeh Remains in Power

Jammeh has a problem that is entirely his own creation, stemming from his style of leadership. The supreme court which does not have enough judges, because he fires judges who rule against his will, is unable to rule on the issues in which he is in desperate need of a verdict.

Without a ruling to void the election results by the supreme court prior to the transition deadline, if he remains in power past the transition deadline, it will be a coup of a democratically elected government from an election in which 60% of the people voted against Jammeh. A clear indication he has lost his mandate and the love of the majority of Gambians. It likely would have been worse for Jammeh if he had allowed more Gambians to vote at embassies around the world, but he clearly did not want all Gambians to vote prior to the election as he stated after he lost the election as a reason to hold another.

The voter list swelling due to youth becoming eligible to vote since the 2011 election and the voter turn out reduction due to Gambians with voters cards emigrating is easily understood and is in large part caused by Jammeh scaring away investment and yet it is paraded as a reason to hold another election.

In the case of a coup any ruling by the supreme court is a moot point because he has broken the constitutional law and committed treason against the Gambia prior to the ruling. Possible results of such a coup are economic sanctions and or military intervention by Ecowas. Certainly the economy will crash at the very least and Gambians will be struggling to afford rice.

Jammeh legally has no choice but to follow the will of Gambians and allow Barrow to become president and wait patiently for the supreme court to rule in May at which time if they rule in his favour a new election would be held and he can run again.

I fear that his nicely worded speech full of references to the constitution are a means to confuse the people into thinking that he legally has the right to remain in power until the supreme court rules on the matter. His total control of GRTS and the closure of so many radio stations and the fear he instills in journalists and the population through NIA actions has lead to a situation where many Gambians are not aware of what is right and just.

May peace be with you

Fatou Taal

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