“Why why why. Why are Gambians running away to the neighbouring countries.  If we all run away who will free The Gambia. Do we expect foreigners to sacrifice their lives for us? Come-on guys. Freedom is earned and Gambians Have Decided, therefore instead of running away let’s stay put and fight for our rights,” said Mr. Tombong Saidy, the former Director General of The Gambia Radio and Television Services.  Mr. Saidy made the remark in a Facebook posting on Thursday. 

Mr. Saidy said nothing is going to compel him to leave his country. He vows to stay home to witness the official inauguration of President elect Adama Barrow.

“Am not going anywhere, but to stay and fight for freedom if that is what it would take.  We live only once. Come January 19th all Gambians should be ready die For The Gambia  Our Homeland.  If we all run away who will defend and protect President Barrow? Who will fight and defend the change people voted for ? Get Up and Stand For Our Rights. People Power is the answer.  Nothing can overrun People Power,” he said.

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