Despite dictator Jammeh’s recent moratorium on arrest of Gambians, reports have it that the security forces are still arresting folks perceived to be opponents of the regime, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The latest Gambian to be abducted is one Mustapha Joof, a Banjulian youngster, who was kidnapped today by security officials. Below is a message we received from a source. Mr. Joof is from Half-Die Banjul. He is an innocent young man.


Another Gambian abducted. Please help spread the word.

Hi Pa, a man named Mustapha Joof, was abducted few minutes ago at the garage in Banjul simply because he was seen by soldiers capturing them on camera giving out hens at the 22nd July square they then chased him down around the garage shouting thief.. He was captured and taken inside state house in a vehicle..

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